Visage Expedition

The Launch of a New Format

Our 3rd Expedition has taken us once more around where we live, in search of content and material previously unpublished but now considered essential for our new format. The Itinerary for the Expedition can be viewed here. We have also brought on Ankaya yla Matekha to produce a plethora of new artwork in support of this new format. Cuoramai, Rucu, and myself (Padi) have been traveling to several depositories on nearby planet-stars in search of information we deep acceptable to reference in our new format, and publishing these books. Rucu and Baic will also be completing the formatting and writing of the new articles, and Cuoramai will aid in restoring any partially degraded information we find in addition to searching through her records for useful information. At’Ypx will also present a long-term project near the completion of this Expedition. By the time that all of the information we gathered on this expedition has been recorded, Every single outlet of information on the website will be shown in the new format, along with new sources. For a complete readout, please see below:

Lore Redesign

The Lore hub has been redesigned to be more visual for clearer disambiguation. All hub pages will follow this format, with new images to accompany this hub page. Each of the eight Sentient Species articles have been redesigned as well:

New Writings

Information we had previously only referenced implicitly or information we had previously chosen to be unworthy in prior formats but are now recorded on the website will be listed here.

Highlighted Articles

In continuing the practice we began in July, we will be highlighting a new or newly redesigned article, book, or other source of information each Friday for the duration of the Expedition. We will keep a list here.

Reworked Articles

All currently existing articles will be organized here, including hub pages. This list will be updated as we add rework them.

Article Headers