Aster’s Whispers

Aster’s Whispers

—An early description of Aster’s relationship with the other Deities, transcribed by an unknown source and reprinted countless times to form foundations of most mortal religious practices.


Class: Philosophy & Religion
Wc: 241


Aut: Unknown
Dt: ~45 A.T.
Ogn: Rudimentary

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By the good will of the High Father, and good fortune that comes from his good will may these whispers find you to be understood not only in their simplicity but in their depth so that the true nature of Their and Your power may find you. These words were not captured across the seas in the lines of the Ontiba, but were not lost to the sands of time. Aster did not speak these words loudly for all to hear; they are known as his whispers.

❊ And He said to Extiru: Be ready to fight when called upon, take care not to dwell too far from others.

❊ And He said to Davoto: Take care of and bring honour to the dead. Keep the many waters of the sea flowing.

❊ And He said to Haket: Learn from the successes and mistakes of those who have lived full lives and guard against unwelcome futures.

❊ And He said to Porrair: Discover the unknown and make note of all that has been found. Do not shirk new methods; discard what does not work.

❊ And He said to Quarrnyl: Honour the land, what grows from it, and its creatures. Beware the fires of curiosity.

❊ And He said to Sham’ayn: Though unintended you are not unwanted. Limit your time spent with what magik is far from my light.

❊ And He said to Taruthe: Know balance, and apply the laws justly. Use the magics of others wisely.