Sentient Species

The Eight Deities who once controlled Omneutta, who no-w reside on the enormous star-planet of Astran. According to the Ontiba, they created the Known Universe and everyt-hing within it.Xiruens are a large Sentient Species from The Outcropping viewed as somewhat primitive. Those who leave their dry
and arid homeworlds have historically been employed as
hired muscle.
Avocs are a small biped Sentient Species that resemble sk-eletons. They are mostly a seafaring peoples, and all aspec-ts of their culture are infused with elements of the large
bodies of water.
Kets are an enigmatic Sentient Species, whose ability to
see parts of the future and past can drive them to isolation, despite growing up and old in tribes. They speak to all
Omneuttians telepathically.
Pori are a non-gendered Sentient Species made from molt-en material. They focus heavily on scientific progress and
show willingness to change to anything found to be more
Quarryns are forrest-dwelling tripeds who have no eyes.
Some Omneuttians find their numerous adaptations to liv-ing in a perpetually humid environment such as their tree-
veins visually off-putting.
Shani are a proudly self-sufficient Sentient Species of bipe-d canids. Smart, cunning, and agile, their societies have ne-arly reached utopian status several times only to plunge into dystopia.Turths are a Sentient Species of biped felids and are wides-pread throughout Omneutta. As a whole they welcoming
and friendly to non-turths in all of the communities they
reside in or run.