This page is a list of articles that are grouped together that all detail creatures found across Omneutta. These articles are divided on this page by where the creatures can be found, and then alphabetically.


Beasts are creatures that are entirely hostile to all Omneuttians, regardless of their threat to the beasts. Creatures in this group also are known to attack settlements, and may have some element of magik to their power or existence.


The Outcropping

To survive and in some cases thrive across the harsh and arid expanses of Xiruen-Space, each of these creatures have specific adaptations.

Pale Shores

Between heavily forested areas, shores, and frigid mountains, there are plenty of niches for the wildlife of Pale Shores to fill.


Though some have adapted to life in a volcano, most wildlife in Poria-Space finds itself around hot springs for mineral content, or the short greens that grow in the form of lichens, moss, and thin grasses.

The Blade

Just as every other aspect of Sha’an-Space is life-threatening, so to are its wildlife.