Biological Information

Sz: 1.8 m. | 5’ 10” (at hump)
Wt: 118 kg. | 260 lbs.
Loc: The Outcropping
Tpt: Agressive
Prd: Kiindem, Urgai, Xiruen
Var: Superficial Colour

  1. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand

Aisanee are not afraid to attack small groups of unarmed xiruens, or even xiruen that are armed but alone.1 Xiruens of all ages are cautioned about the lizards when traveling long distances and can overwhelm even the most skilled of fighters if caught unprepared.

Their name comes for the Barzacc word for foe, “aisa”. Communities of xiruens have been advised to keep the local populations down, as numerous aisanee increase the probability of  kiindem.1

Though they are bipeds, their hind legs circle asymmetrically outwards while running like the majority of the reptiles in The Outcropping. They run forward in this manner, though their forearms almost never touch the ground. Instead, they are used as large clubs in conjunction with their tails to attack prey. They travel in packs of two to five unrelated aisanee both male and female, and will pair in a temporary “pack” when mating. When the female lays eggs they will—if not eaten by other animals—usually produce four to ten offspring.1

Aisanee are the most populous animals across The Outcropping, and either eat and fall victim to most of the wildlife.1 Their entire diet consists of meat, whether that is insects, mammals, or reptiles. Aisanee can be seen in nearly every climate, save for the coldest of deserts. They are the main predator of several animals and frequent prey of more. The species is the linchpin of many food chains across Xiruen-Space and live for about eight years.1