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Join the historical society known as the Ajikah as we chronicle the events, omneuttians, places, and other lore that make up the universe into the series In Extremis through narratives that combine literature, music, and artwork into Plot-Arcs. We also have standalone media and over 150 articles and pages:

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Early in pori history, daekoiz were believed to be aspects of Porrair, guarding volcanoes from the threat of potential unsustainable use by the Poria. Pori are made from the daekoiz’s preferred food source—molten material—and have been its prey for much of history. Due to their thick plating, even modern weapons are largely ineffective, and caution is highly advised for pori around volcanoes.

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Mikkel (the human) here—I’ve been spending time away from In Extremis and it’s led me to think differently about how I run things here. So, I’m taking some time to step away from it and work on some other creative pursuits while I think about how I want to go forward. I’ll be back.

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