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Join the historical society known as the Ajikah as we chronicle the events, omneuttians, places, and other lore that make up the universe into the series In Extremis through narratives that combine literature, music, and artwork into Plot-Arcs. We also have standalone media and over 150 articles and pages:

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The Gallants

In the mid-first century After Time a turth named Yscnajow formed a traveling band of warrior-philosophers under the name “The Gallants”. The traveling band grew larger, and as they moved around Omneutta to settle conflicts as part-investigators-part-judges, Gallants began to stay behind across The Known Universe to train others in their ways, and erected Halls to serve local communities.

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We are choosing to take a brief absence while we all learn our new technologies. This will mean that instead of a slower learning process while potentially continuing with our scheduled posts and finishing the Visage Expedition, we will instead cease this effort and focus on learning so that it may be done quicker.

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