Mikkel Christensen aka Mr. Skeli’n

Mikkel (p. MEE-kel or MY-kel) Christensen (b. 1995) is a composer, artist, and writer based in Texas. Creating art that spans mediums, Christensen is a composer of acoustic and digital works, as well as writing under the name “Mr. Skeli’n”. He earned a B.A. in Music & Technology where he has studied Composition under Andrew Brick and Alex Burtzos.

About The Site

Internet Home of Mikkel Christensen

This website houses the ongoing work of In Extremis, as well as the complete works of Mikkel Christensen.



Your look at the website, In Extremis, and musical works from my view. Weekly forecasts are here, in addition to future plans and even more. This section is home to info on the characters, locations, items and more. Whether new to In Extremis or not, there’s always something more.

In Extremis

In Extremis (also InEx or NX) is a high fantasy series developed and published by Skeli’n Studios and created by Mr. Skeli’n (Mikkel Christensen). The stories presented in literature are accompanied by artwork and music, all created by Mr. Skeli’n (unless otherwise noted).

Combination of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and Anachronistic elements

Combining a high-fantasy core with elements of sci-fi oddly discovered before modern technological advancements makes for a setting that feels both antiquated and advanced, with a blend of mysticism. This setting organically develops unique characters capable of having captivating stories while still being relatable.

Emphasis on characters having to make tough choices

“Every character wants something, even if it is only a glass of water.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Carefully guiding characters in and out of messes that are often their own creation builds a bond with the reader that feels authentic and builds complex characters without dealing with good and evil as a binary.

Books that immerse the reader but leave mysteries around the universe

The stories of In Extremis are told through plot-arcs, each of which may not contain all the stories told for any particular character, enticing the reader to come back for more as it’s written.


Literature supplanted and augmented by aural and visual arts

Some stories are told through literature alone, but many stories are told with the aid of artwork and music. All planned books have their own soundtrack, and many pieces of art and music stand on their own as well.

Recent Posts

Xiruen Culture

History According to the Ontiba, Xiruen were created when Extiru felt he had been slighted by not having a Sentient Species created in his image. Culturally, they have harboured this resentment for eons. Much like the Sha’an, they have isolated themselves over time from the rest of Omneuttian society. Culture Demoynm Xiruen Origin Undetermined Capitol Undetermined …


Character Name: Naka yla Seljovh (nah-kah ylah sehl-johv) Species: Poria Race: Ylargi Gender: Female Height: 1.78 m. | 5’ 10″ Weight: 73 kg. | 161 lbs. Age: 19 Physical Description: Thin, even for her age due to lack of nutrition. Fairly orange with little/no tint. Basalt rocks, which have thinned and become fewer due to …