Plot-Arcs are continuous and semi-continuous series of stories and Lore material that relate to a larger overarching story between independent narratives. The main focus of a Plot-Arc and how it is told may differ from one Plot-Arc to the next. See our Plot-Arcs below:

Roaming with Fire Book Series

Annals of Dystopia Book Series

Chasing Shadows

Before The Wind mainly chronicles the adventures of the the octopus Dreads, and two avocs Skeli and Mis’Kelin. Two book series give background on the events, setting, and a character. Roaming with Fire and Annals of Dystopia respectively focus on one of Mis’Kelin’s prior adventures and upheaval in The Blade.

The Gallants of Cyliajaca follows the rotating cast of Gallants who call the hall of Cyliajaca their home, for now. One of their journals, Rounds from the Route: Edition 5 has been published. Comics detailing these journals are drawn and published both on our instagram and on this site.