Before The Wind

The World

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As an introduction to the world of In Extremis, this Plot-Arc explores a large swath of Omneutta in small scope. In Chasing Shadows and Dead Run, events take place across the Known Universe as characters explore uncharted worlds, and return to places familiar in new contexts. The plot follows the group of characters across Pale Shores, Parallelium, The Hilt, and The Blade.

Upon returning to his ancestral home, the avoc pirate Skeli finds the once-vibrant town full of fear. In a twist of fate, Skeli finds himself obliged to end the curse on the octopus. Along the way he picks up the once-maybe-still-mercenary Mis’Kelin who seeks to join the Resistance.


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Cursed Octopus


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If you’re feeling unfamiliar with any Omneuttian locales, start here! Our wide array of articles on locations across the Known Universe will help you answer any lingering questions you have before reading.

Meet Mis’Kelin

If you want to know more about the avoc known as Mik, the series Roaming With Fire is a great place to start. Read what the avoc was up to after the disbanding of the Pale Swords and learn the favours he might be able to cash in.

Reykata Origins

A series of strange creatures are encountered throughout Before The Wind, and the series Annals of Dystopia sheds some light on their origins and first encounters across The Blade.


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After spending years as captain of The Dunnage, Skeli returns home to answer the call for aid. What he can provide is not what was expected.


An octopus who can suddenly swim through the air and exist in all senses of the word out of water is a strange octopus indeed. But is it truly a curse?


A mercenary, blacksmith, weapons dealer, and more, Mis’Kelin often goes by Mik instead. Formerly a member of the Pale Swords, he hopes to join The Resistance.