Biographical Information

Ava, Davo, Pale Shores42 Toscubas, 962 A.T.AvotocMale

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye Colour
1.2 m. | 3’ 11″48.5 kg. | 107 lbs.WhiteBlack


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Skeli’s Hat, Captain’s JacketNoneSkeli’s ShortswordPirates


Skeli, like most Avotoc was close with his family and community throughout his childhood. He was into Avotoc sports as he became old enough to participate, and refused to learn how to play the Kaeoubo. He planned on attempting to turn professional as a Sailboarder, despite his father’s refusal. Late in childhood, his home of Ava was attacked by a band of Xiruen pirates, leading to a rift between Skeli and his father, Le’Ashe.


For a few years after the incident with Xiruen pirates, Skeli himself was a pirate. Like the crew of The Dunnage before him, he soon became notorious for striking around Pale Shores, and sometimes in Parallelium as well. Rumors persist that he plundered a temple containing pori artifacts from Before Time.



Skeli is known for his tall tricorn hat, distinct from most others by its lackluster colouration, in addition to its shape. Unlike most tricorn hats Skeli’s does not come to three points, rather it is more rounded and tall; the brim still breaks in three places. Skeli is also known for his unique sword, which has the length of a shortsword with the single edge and profile of a curvedsword.