—Only known by the nickname Skeli, this avoc is one of the last known pirate captains in Omneutta.

Biographical Information:

male, Avotoc
B: 42 Toscubas 962 A.T., Ava, Davo, Pale Shores
Ht: 1.2 m. | 3’ 11”
Wt: 48.5 kg. | 107 lbs.

  1. Piracy, A History
  2. Survey: On The Likely-Before-Time Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl

A well-known but little-understood avoc pirate, Skeli helms a ship called the Dunnage—not to be confused with The Dunnage of the golden age of piracy.1 Skeli is rumored to have plundered artifacts across Parallelium in addition to striking often around Pale Shores.2 However, there are multiple reports across both -spaces that the activities of this pirate has stopped, though his whereabouts are currently unknown.