Survey: On The Likely-Before-Time Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl


On the Likely-Before-Time Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl

—A leaked report from the Poria government that details the findings of an attack by the pirate Skeli.


Class: Report
Wc: 712


Aut: Unnamed Pori
Dt: 977 A.T.
Ogn: Space Plunder

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Let it be known that my findings of this survey are not favourable to those involved. Nuance of this condemnation will be discussed herein. Henceforth I will begin to relay my report over the events that transpired concerning this report to the Olh Hasukizj.

On the 4th of Apuvas, in this year 977 After Time, the Chief Officer of Security in the Division of Transport of the Olh Hasukizj received a transmission outlining the need to transport a highly valuable collection of artifacts concerning originating from a pre-Hasukizh time, likely during Before Time. These artifacts, henceforth referred to as ‘the collection’ required transport from the location of discovery—believed by the historian sending this transmission—to an archaeological laboratory world for molecular dating to determine their precise origin, and thus their level of value. Since the collection was likely to be from Before Time, and perhaps during the time at which “Porrair walked the same ground we do” [historian’s words], the historian requested the maximum available security for the transport. The Chief Officer, citing the variable range of date and thus value, declined shortly after in another transmission, instead beginning the process for Grade-Three security retrieval of the collection. Immediately after receiving the process request for Grade-Three retrieval, the historian countered with worry over repeating the fabled loss of Porrair’s Crown in the early 600s A.T.

Believing themself above such fables of egg age [this surveyor is compelled to remind those in the Hasukizj raised in the absence of those Poria who would repeat such mythos a succinct retelling of this fable: It is alleged that the Hasukizj lost the mythical artifact known as Porrair’s Crown in an artifact retrieval not unlike this one in which the security of the artifact and its transport was underwhelming. The fable purports that the avoc pirate, Ce’Tus and his crew made off with the crown, which would burn anyone other than a direct descendent of Porrair herself alive if they sat on it], the Chief Officer proceeded to authorize a Grade-Three retrieval on the historian’s behalf.

The transport arrived at the location [outside of Poria-Space] on the 21st of Apuvas and was in return flight near Egur-Hlasarl when it too, was besieged by pirates. However, unlike the fabled haul of Ce’Tus, the pirate’s ship was far more faster and agile than our security forces possessed, despite being formed from far inferior technology in hull design and engine capability, by first-hand accounts. The smaller, faster ship maneuvered between the security vessels and the ship carrying the collection, and was able to evade fire while simultaneously ensuring said fire ruptured the ship carrying the collection. The security vessels were sent an order to ceasefire from the ruptured vessel for fear of hitting the collection, which allowed the pirates to board and depart with nearly 80 percent of the collection.

As stated earlier, the condemnation is multiple and nuanced. The fault in chronological order is as follows: The Chief Officer of Security within the Division of Transport should have either opted for Grade-Five security to ensure the pirates could not penetrate their perimeter of such force, or Grade-One to ensure lighter, quicker vessels capable of keeping up with a ship of inferior craftsmanship. The historian should, upon receiving the Grade-Three security process request should have—instead of responding to the Chief Officer of Security—involved another member of the Hasukizj at the same level, such as the Chief Officer of Security in the Division of History. Though the Division of Transport Chief Officer might argue bias in favour of those concerned with history, if a route and timeframe were planned far enough in advance or in an expedient window, conflict with other secure transports could be avoided, and there would be no undue shortage of secure vessels available across Parallelium. Finally, it is the fault of the Captain of this particular Grade-Three fleet that the pirates were able to out-maneuver them, trick them into shooting their own asset, and that these pirates were able to board the vessel and depart the area with nearly 80 percent of the collection.

Thus concludes my survey for the Olh Hasukizj. Humbly.