This page is a list of books written across Omneutta. These articles are divided on this page by their classification, or by the kind of content within each book or series. Titles of books or series will be shown along with their date in parenthesis. Click an image to be taken to that book’s page.

Books tell stories, raise questions of philosophical nature, contain clues for questing heroes, or otherwise are used as educational tools for many topics. Some books contain backstory and explanation for historical events, Sentient Species, or Omneuttians.

Books by Category

Philosophy & Religion

Six Directives (~200 B.T.)
Aster’s Whispers (~45 A.T.)
Mortals and Deities (289-316 A.T.)
Schools of Remiges (768 A.T.)
Traditional Stories of Vale Reef (990 A.T.)
the Ontiba (Early A.T.)
Questions of Why? (271 A.T.)
Truth of True Selves (736 A.T.)
Existence and What It Is (883 A.T.)


Rounds from the Route, Ed. 5 (225 A.T.-ongoing)
Report: Aganeihat Mortality (507 A.T.)
Missive: Restore The Hilt (751 A.T.)
Notes on the Rail System […] (940 A.T.)
Missing: Naokia z Mihrob Member (988 A.T.)
Report: On Revising and Reorganizing […] Jibhaga (990 A.T.)
Historic Hoyu (488 A.T.)
Report: Effects of Plains Living (619 A.T.)
Through Time (836 A.T.)
Survey: […] Artifacts Plundered Near Egur-Hlasarl (977 A.T.)
Expedition Addendum: Pekataro (989 A.T.)
Expedition Addendum: Vale Flora (990 A.T.)


Annals of Dystopia (935 A.T.)


Soft Soil Amongst The Metal (548 A.T.)
Scattered Journals of a Turth Immunologist (990 A.T.)
An Abjective Structure (562 A.T.)


Hoyu’s History (312 A.T.)
The Legend of Ce’Tus (703 A.T.)
Historic Hoyu (488 A.T.)
Roaming with Fire (975 A.T.)


An Outside Account (Unknown A.T.)
Children of the Shadows (588 A.T.)
Notes on the Rail System […] (940 A.T.)
Torn Asunder (423 A.T.)
Kettlah Sociology (780 A.T.)
Pori and Politics (955 A.T.)
Traditional Stories of Vale Reef (990 A.T.)