An Outside Account

An Outside Account

—Unsubstantiated accusations that have to do with a ‘caste system’ in pori culture.


Class: Sociology
Wc: 382


Aut: Unknown
Dt: A.T.
Ogn: N/A

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Why does the machine of the Poria work so well? It works well because there are many – if not the majority of – Poria who do not question their position in the hierarchy. This machine has citizens who go through the preliminary stages of education and told that they are not of sufficient material in regard to qualitative thought processes. The machine needs quantitative thought processes to run at high efficiency, so they are relegated to jobs and instilled with the quintessential Poria mantra: “Work that must be done is the most noble of work”. Bypasses must be built; cities must be planned as expansion progresses.

These Poria are led to believe that they are governed by a constitutional monarchy. That is not the case. I must momentarily digress; when I refer to ‘these Poria’ , I refer to the Poria that are believed to be ‘inherently inferior’. There is a sentiment of spices-wide superiority, but there is a more subtle sense of superiority among the caste that makes up the monarchy and the non-merchant wealth caste. This caste system is not immediately apparent to an outsider such as myself, but after years of study, it is clear that it exists. For the two castes at the top the ‘inherently inferior’ Poria are those that do not possess this qualitative thought process and must be relegated to mostly manual labor. Through teaching these inferior Poria that they are best at manual trades, they keep them docile – a word I heard used to describe the lower castes on occasion – and under the belief that heard work could earn them their way to the top. The relegation to manual work has kept the existence of these castes completely unknown.

The belief of the two castes at the top is that the inferior Poria are only good for the manual work, but the key to this caste system is creating the illusion to the laborers that they are in these industries because that is what they are the best at, and that ascension to the material wealth is out of reach due to some outside circumstance. While this is true, the more minute detail is that they are kept down on an institutional and cultural level, while the laborers tend to blame non-Poria influences.