New to In Extremis?

—Welcome to Skeli’n Studios, the internet home of In Extremis.

Here, you’ll find sounds, art, and literature to immerse yourself in and escape to the universe of Omneutta.

Though the creative work of In Extremis is the work of Mikkel S. Christensen (Mr. Skeli’n), the website is run and handled by Kaniovac ‘Andya. You can contact her (Kaniovac) through our twitter, instagram, and facebook accounts. The website was previously handled by several omneuttians for an organization called the Aebradan Miethhaehas Ajikah.

“Where do I start?”

There are options!

You can start with Lore, such as learning about Omneutta, the Deities, or the Timeline to get background knowledge of the universe.
If you’d rather jump right in, the Plot-Arcs page is a good place to start reading and viewing the stories from In Extremis.

What kind of lore is there?

While some of these categories may not be “lore” in the way you might have seen the term used before, Lore is the organizational term used to describe what is known about and by Omneutta and omneuttians.
Lore is expanded by Expeditions: periods where Kaniovac travels across Omneutta and returns to catalogue new and expanded articles, stories, and more. Expeditions often feature thematically related discoveries.

What is there to do in Omneutta? Organized games and leisure activities are found here.


All seven categories of books written by omneuttians are found here.


Articles on Omneuttia’s animals and beasts are here, sorted by location are found here.


In addition to the immortal Deities, omneuttians believed (and debated) to be immortal are found here.


Articles on all eight major spaces of Omneutta, along with their Local Groups and important star-planets and planet-stars are found here.


Items of bygone times with historic or cultural significance are found here.


Groups formed by omneuttians out of culture, proximity, competition, politics, and other reasons are found here.


A timeline of known events in omneuttian history is found here.


Objects that are worn, held, and have little to no magical attributes are found here.


Articles on the eight Sentient Species are found here, along with a rotating slideshow of omneuttians below.

What is a Plot-Arc?

Plot-Arcs are continuous and semi-continuous series of stories and Lore material that relate to a larger overarching story between independent narratives. The main focus of a Plot-Arc and how it is told may differ from one Plot-Arc to the next.


Plot-Arcs are often told through books as traditional stories, though these stories can sometimes use additional materials to help support the story, or tell it through alternative methods.


While stories are often told through text, sound and art give context to these stories with background information and at times directly augment the stories themselves.

How do you handle spoilers?

Most of what is posted on the website is gathered and researched from established lore—mostly books but at times other writings will yield information considered “new”. We consider two kinds of spoilers: Plot and Expedition.

Plot Spoilers

Articles that contain information that will spoil events of a Plot-Arc will be marked with an appropriate spoiler. In the event an article spoils multiple plot-arcs, multiple spoiler markings will be used.

Expedition Spoilers

Until the next Expedition is released, articles that contain information from the lore in an Expedition will be marked so that you can make your own way through the Expedition. Additionally, Expeditions will have a list of articles that contain updated information or are entirely new as a result of each expedition.