New to In Extremis?

This guide has been written by Uiaan Baic Aeccoo of the Aebradan Miethhaehas Ajikah for Earthlings and non-Omneuttian readers of the site. Complaints or questions about the guide may be directed to Baic through our social channels on twitter and facebook.

This guide will introduce you to the foundations of In Extremis, and it’s setting: Omneutta.

The Beginning


Omneutta‘s exact origins are a source of much academic debate, but it is widely accepted that hundreds of years ago, a point of singularity exploded and matter began to pour out from the center of the universe. Eventually, some of this matter coalesced into thoughts and Aster was created. As time passed, Aster created the other Deities, and the Sentient Species were created in their image.

More on Omneutta’s Beginnings: Aster:1

Deities and Revered Mortals: Immortals

The Ontautt (Deities)

After their creation, the Deities went through two long periods of conflict bookended by “Golden” years of peace. After centuries of war, and the creation of their own Sentient Species in their images, the Ontautt made a pact to remove their influence from the lives of mortals. This event split the record of timekeeping into Before and After Time. It is speculated that despite their pact, the Deities still maintain influence in Omneutta.

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Omneuttian Basics

Time flows a little differently in Omneutta. There are 100 seconds in a minute, and 100 of these minutes in an hour. The length of the day is roughly the same, which works out to eight hours in a day. Generally, there are two hours each of dawn, day, dusk, and night. Additionally, the places where Omneuttians live are a little different. Star-Planets and Planet-Stars take the place of stars and planets respectively, and are not the rocks floating through space you might be thinking of.

More on the Omneuttian Clock and Calendar: Time

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The Sentient Species

Though the Sentient Species include the Deities, the grouping is usually referring to the seven mortal Sentient Species, the Xiruen, Avotoc, Kettlah, Poria, Quarryn, Sha’an, and Turath. These seven live in their own sections of Omneutta, and intermingle in large city-centres.

More on each of the eight: Sentient Species

Recent Developments

Not long ago in the early 900s, a shadowy figure has taken over The Blade with the use of Reykata, a force of monstrous beasts created by magik. There have been reports of these creates outside The Blade as well.

More on the toppling of The Blade: Annals of Dystopia

Founded in 989 A.T. (After Time), the Aebradan Miethhaehas Ajikah is a historical society founded to follow Porrair’s Fourth Directive: all knowledge will benefit from true organization. The society handles the In Extremis social media as well.

More on the Historical Society: A.M.A.