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In Extremis (also InEx or NX for short) is set in the fictional location of Omneutta, or The Known Universe. Within its own universe, the series has its own system of keeping Time, and the events currently in production take place several hundred years into After Time. There is currently an ongoing conflict where a species known as Reykata have slowly spread from The Blade into the rest of Omneutta, in addition to the resistance of many Omneuttians to the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy.


There are eight main species of sentient beings in Omneutta, known as the Sentient Species including the Deities and the species made in their image according to the de facto religion that stems from the holy book, The Ontiba.


The Ontautt are eight beings also known as the Deities. In order of creation/birth, the eight are: Aster, Extiru, Davoto, Haket, Porrair, Quarrnyl, Sham’ayn, and Taruthe. They can take many forms. Seen to the left is the “Shared Form”, where each Deity looks the same aside from some different colouration in their face and elbows. Other forms include the Incarnate, Original, Wrath, and Eternal.


Xiruen are towering behemoths, usually preferring to live separate from the other Sentient Species. They are distinguishable not only by their height (over 2.4m, 8′), but by their four arms. The upper pair are usually smaller than the lower pair. Their bones are also quite hard and can be used to punch through most rocks.


The Avotoc are a diminutive race of skeleton-like creatures with large heads. They are a fairly sociable species, but are prone to bouts of emotional extremes. Their societies revolve mostly around shipping and merchantry, due to their planet-stars’ tendencies to have water. They were the first Sentient Species to be created, and their culture is rich and steeped with history as a result.


Kettlah are fairly sociable creatures, though usually tend to live in small groups or in isolation as hermits. As a species, they live as nomads, so it is rare to find a ket who values material possessions. All kets have a faint glow, as well as having eight tendril like appendages- four on each arm. Kets’ hands can also morph into many shapes, fists, keys, etc. Most times, their hands take on a mitten-like shape.


The Poria are a culture that prizes knowledge above all else. Because of this, most of Omneutta’s technological innovations have come at the hands of a pori. They see, feel, hear, smell, and taste through their molten skin. In addition, their outer skin can be manipulated at will including their face, as it is just hardened molten material.


Quarryn are the most visually distinctive Sentient Species in Omneutta. They not only have three legs, but also have no eyes. They depend on vibrations through the ground to guide them as a sense of ‘sight’, so it is rare to find them not in a natural environment. Quarryns also grow plant-like appendages on the exterior of their bodies as a way to absorb and transport nutrients from their environment, in addition to consumption of food. Because of their love of nature, they are often natural scientists of some sort.


Sha’an resemble upright foxes to some extent. They have shorter, thick tails that also aid them in balance. They are known for their cunning, though their lack of societal structure makes them rare to encounter in most of Omneutta. This lack of societal structure stems from feuds many generations old that has left The Blade (home of Sha’an) in a dystopia.


Turath are among the most amicable and welcoming of all the Sentient Species. They have long, thin tails and manes. Turths are fairly androgynous as a culture, but the styling of the mane is usually a good indication on gender. Turths’ religious affiliations are also of note. While most Omneuttians acknowledge the existence of the eight Deities, Turath as a species still worship multiple Deities.


The series takes place in Plot-Arcs, which tell their own encapsulated stories that fit into the overall series. There are currently three Plot-Arcs, with two in production (Before The Wind and Gallants of Cyliajaca). Each Plot-Arc can contain multiple books, though in the case of Gallants, the story is told through multiple campaigns because it runs as a Choose Your own Adventure game.


Before Time

Main Article: Before Time

According to The Ontiba, the Known Universe was created along with the first Deity, Aster. From Aster came the other Deities, who each wished to have their own sentient species. During this time, the star-planets and planet-stars that make up the universe were destroyed and recreated many times, as well as the repopulation of non-sentient flora and fauna. This period allegedly lasted for around 800 years, ending when the Poria and Avotoc made first inter-species contact.

After Time

Main Article: After Time

Within the first few hundred years of After Time, the Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy (also OLAH) was founded as an ad-hoc form of government to help deal with inter- and inner-species conflicts. The civilizations of each Sentient Species grew, resulting in many technological advances. Sometime in the 900s, the Reykata were first spotted in The Blade.