—Also known as the Deities and the Eight, they are the founders of the Known Universe that take many shapes and sizes.


Homeworld: Astran
Pn: (on-tah-U)
Pl: ontautt, Deities, the Eight

  1. The Ontiba
  2. Aster’s Whispers

The Ontautt usually appear in their most pure form, the incarnate, from which the Sentient Species’ appearance was derived. The first five after Aster were created to solve specific problems of Aster’s, and the final two were created at once.1 


The Ontautt’s biology is difficult to describe as a whole, since each Deity takes on several different forms. The pure, Incarnate form of each Ontautt is what each of the other Sentient Species were based on, and is one of many forms, including Original, Wrath, and Eternal.

The Shared Form of the Ontautt resembles Aster’s pure form, with small derivations for each Deity.1 Overall the shared form is tall and lanky, around 10 feet (3 meters) tall. Each body has a floating head that is a swirling black cloud with small lights resembling stars.


After the Timekeeping Reset, the Deities made a pact immortalized and recorded within the Ontiba that they would leave Omneutta to the mortal species to do with what they see fit.1 However, over the centuries since the event, there are widespread rumors of several Deities appearing, whether as statues, animals, monsters, or in disguise as a member of their Sentient Species in order to manipulate events.2

Ontrett (pn. on-tre-U) is composed of circles and rounded lines to form symbols that represent single letters, along with a few letter combinations. There are two versions of Ontrett that is written out depending on the medium that Ontrett is being written on. Full script is used in most contexts and is the quicker version to transcribe, and lined script is used mostly for carvings or embellishments.


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Unlike each of the Sentient Species, the land occupied by the Ontautt does not carry their name—with the exception of implication in the alternative name of Divine Forge—but carries the name of the dominating figure of the entire section of space: Astran.

Astran was created by Aster, partially with the help of the other Ontautt.1 It serves as their home and place of birth, though it has been remade several times over since the birth of the Deities according to the Ontiba.1