—As said in the Ontiba, Astran is the home of the Deities or Ontautt.

Location Information

Terrain: Varies
Climate: Varies, with Mountainous Plains
Points of Interest: Ttimeaut

Projection Map of Astran; click to enlarge

Astran in the largest Star-Planet in all of Omneutta and is located at the center. The light of its star-core illuminates Omneutta, while its rotating continents are the cause of the seasonal cycle for its inhabitants.1 The geography varies wildly between each continent as each deity is able to craft their continent at will as they see fit.2

Eight of the nine continents are said to be accessible by each Deity that rules it—and only that Deity. The continent in the center is known as Eupeaaurt and features the great hall of Ttimeaut which is the meeting place of the Eight.1 Beginning at the top with Aster’s continent and proceeding clockwise, the other eight continents are as follows: Aster’s Atalem (The Immortal Land), Extiru’s Stagilos (Arid Barrens), Davoto’s Moryn Verap (Deadlands), Haket’s Ibauesc (Gateways), Porrair’s Epytoriem (The Laboratory), Quarrnyl’s Paotaim (Realm of Purity), Sham’ayn’s Verap Anatumuchis (Temporarius), and Taruthe’s Stottai (Equilibrium).1

Celestial Bodies in Divine Forge: