—Also called The Blade Lord, Extiru is the second Ontautt and generally seen as the opposite to Aster.

Biographical Information

male, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Armoured Warlord
Ttl: The Blade Lord
Dom: War, Destruction

  1. The Ontiba
  2. The Rux
  3. Piracy, A History

According to the Ontiba, Extiru was created to destroy what Aster believed to be mistakes—while Aster did not have the power to destroy en masse Aster had the power to create what could—across Omneutta.1 Aster believed for some time that the two together would be enough balance for Omneutta.1

Extiru, early in Before Time destroyed Astran, long with almost the entirety of Omneutta.2 The Deity wields enough power to destroy anything in the Known Universe no matter the size. Though he is believed by many to be the least intelligent and sensible of the Eight, he is attributed prowess in physical confrontation, and planning wartime campaigns of size and scale.3

Two of the most powerful artifacts in Omneutta—the Suit of the Onslaught and his Warlord’s Axes—belong to Extiru as his personal tools of destruction. The metal teeth at the core of the Suit are said to be used to devour celestial bodies.2

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