The Immortal Pantheon of the Ontautt and their Children, also the Deities and Demigods consists of the important religious and semi-historical figures in Omneutta. All major religions recognize the Eight Deities, though their hierarchy and the number of mortals recognized as having achieved immortality varies from religion to religion and even among denominations. In many social centers, there is a shrine or place of worship for each Deity, along with many locales honouring a demigod believed to have come from that area.

The Ontautt

  • Aster – Deity of Creation, Life, and Father to the Ontautt
  • Extiru – Deity of War, and Destruction
  • Davoto – Deity of Death, Water, and Ice
  • Haket – Deity of the Soul: Past, Present, Future
  • Porrair – Deity of Knowledge, Fire, Lava, and Metal
  • Quarrynl – Deity of Nature: Flora, Fauna, Terra
  • Sham’ayn – Deity of Curses, Hexes, and Trickery
  • Taruthe – Deity of Balance, Justice, and Magic

Full Pantheon

There are considered to be 20 immortal beings, although nearly every religion disagrees on the exact number larger than eight. Each immortal has an abstract concept or set of concepts associated with them, termed their Domain, or Influence. With the Ontautt, this is called Domain, as these concepts are what they control. With other immortal Omneuttian, this is called influence due to them not always having power or control over the concept comparable to their parent deity.

Not all Omneuttians in the Immortal Pantheon were always immortal, nor are all of them actually immortal, despite the name. For example, the Avotoc Lu’Sca was dealt an eternal life of service to his parental deity Davoto as punishment. Many of the rest of the pantheon began as mortals but are worshiped nonetheless, with some ascending to immortal status before death according to the Ontiba, and some ascending after death.

A list of the full pantheon, their titles, domains and their influences are listed below:

Immortal Being
AsterOntauttHigh Father, Holy OneCreation, Life
ExtiruOntauttThe Blade LordWar, Destruction
SuugchXiruenPunisher of Oath BreakersRetribution
BauzXiruenThe CrusaderRighteous Causes
DavotoOntauttGate Keeper, The Unending GazeDeath, Water, and Ice
CeAvotocWatermouthAquatic Animal Speech
LoAvotocSkull of Many ThoughtsWisdom, Knowledge
LuAvotocKeeper of BonesOrder, Order
MisAvotocLord of BladesWarrior
ScaAvotocLieyos LichIce
Lu’ScaAvotocKeeper of the FeiftDeath
HaketOntauttWinged OneThe Soul
RoaKettlahThe First Kettlah, Gate Watcher to the PastThe Departed
NiuKettlahThe Second Kettlah, Gate Watcher to the FutureThe Unborn
LueKettlah The Forgotten OneLight
MaoKettlahThe Perfect OneThe Present
KeyKettlahThe Last KettlahSpirit of the Tribe
PorrairOntauttThe Knowledge Seeker, Flaming EyeKnowledge, Fire, Lava, Metal
ZisagallPoriaMaster of FlamesFire
AgaellzisPoriaTamer of MetalMetalworking
ZisloomallPoriaCaptain of TasksEmpirical Order
EefandiiQuarrynSister to the RootsFlora
EefaneetQuarrynSister to the BreathFauna
EetaalamQuarrynSister to the OreTerra
Sham’aynOntauttSinister Singer, Priestess of the ShadowCurses, Hexes, Trickery
PowoSha’anSpirit of the NightThe Shadows
TihmarSha’anChief of the LowestTheft
EiatSha’anSigh of SilenceMurder
StrohfiSha’anHigh Priest of PlotsRevolution, Change
TarutheOntauttLord of Fair Trade, The FulcrumBalance, Justice, Magic
SworzTurathWhite MageCreation
NizyscTurathBlack MageDestruction
WiodarTurathBlue MageWater, Ice
LatekkiTurathYellow MageLight, Flight
OgienTurathRed MageFire, Metal
NateuraTurathGreen MageFlora, Terra, Fauna
PrzeosinTurathLesser MageCurses, Hexes

Popular Opinion and Worship

See Also: Religion

Each sentient species regards their pantheon as the true pantheon, eg. the Avotoc cite The Eight + their seven or eight (due to disputes over Lu’Sca’s immortality) as a true number of immortal beings. However, there are many more than 20 beings worshiped across Omneutta. That includes the rules of the two or three ‘Just Reigns’ in The Outcropping, local war-heroes, and other figures who have not ascended to immortal status.

Communication With Mortals and Manifestation

After Time, the Deities made a pact that they would no longer intervene in mortal affairs. Whether or not they remain true to this pact, true to various degrees, or even bound by it in any sense is subject to frequent rumor and debate. There are ample reports and rumors of the Deities manifesting in some form–usually the form of their Sentient Species to mortals, interacting and either helping them or tasking them with some task for the mortal to help the Deity achieve some goal.