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OntauttFemaleNature Spirit Triped

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NurturerNatureThe Qua


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Deity Robes, Crown of NatureBark SleeveNoneOntautt

And He said to Quarrnyl: Honour the land, what grows from it, and its creatures. Beware the fires of curiosity.

Aster, Whispers

Quarrnyl is also known as the Nurturer for her Mother-Nature-esque role in Omneuttian history. Her domain is simply nature, though this covers the land itself, plants, and animals. The Sentient Species themselves may or may not fall under her domain; this is a frequent debate amongst theologists. Her creation at the hands of Aster was straightforward; someone needed to regrow Omneutta after it was repeatedly and unintentionally razed by Porrair.


Quarrnyl is paid tribute to and worshipped through the same process that quarryns draw their magic. Non-quarryn often worship or appreciate Quarrnyl by simply respecting the natural environment they exist in. Exceptionally large trees and large, docile animals were at one point thought to be symbols of Quarrnyl’s blessing in an area, and in some parts of Omneutta this is still the case.


Quarrnyl has many artifacts attributed to her, including those she is usually seen with. Her Crown of Nature is woven from twigs, featuring animal teeth and gemstones to illustrate her role as protector of all three facets of nature: Flora, Fauna, and Terra. The three staves of the Quarryn Eefiga were designed and given to the Quarryn by Quarrnyl herself. Of note is the staff of Fauna, which used the skull of a pet that Davoto was fond of. The use of this skull in a mortal instrument angered Davoto for some time.

View of Sentient Species

Quarrnyl is perhaps the most benevolent of all Deities in regards to the Sentient Species. Her role as the overseer of all life in Omneutta greatly impacts this view. She believes that the Sentient Species should be left largely alone, without any, or at worst minimal interference from the other Deities. They should grow to be their own independently functioning societies, and it is up to them to fix their own problems. To Quarrnyl, the Deities left Omneutta to the Sentient Species at the Time Reset, and what happens to Omneutta after that point is up to the Sentient Species.


Like Aster, she is attributed having a reserved approach to interacting with the Sentient Species after the Time Reset, but is not as reserved as Aster on the matter. Several depictions of her exist appearing to help the Quarryn in times of crisis after the Time Reset.

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