Omneutta (ohm-nooh-shah), also known as “The Known Universe” is the collection of star-planets, planet-stars, and other celestial bodies of which many are inhabited by Omneuttians. It is where all content within the In Extremis series has taken place. Though Omneutta is often referred to as “The Known Universe”, the word Omneutta itself also includes unmapped and undiscovered areas typically referred to as “The Unknown Universe”.


Recorded Omneuttian history is divided into two periods: Before Time, and After Time, split by the Timekeeping Reset. Some major events throughout Omneuttian history include: Creation of the universe and The Eight, the First and Second Deity Wars, the Timekeeping Reset, founding of the AdHocracy, and the Reykata Invasion of The Blade.


Omneutta is unevenly split into 8 regions. These regions have unique names, as well as an identifier that signals which Sentient Species controls that region of space, with the exception of Astran-Space.


Also known as the Divine Forge, Astran-Space sits in the heart of Omneutta. It is named such after the largest star-planet that can be seen from anywhere in Omneutta. Not much is known about the climate and geography of Divine Forge, as the heat of Astran renders almost all other celestial bodies inhospitable.


The Outcropping can be identified not only by its shape and location, but also by the brown-orange colour that it is displayed with on most maps. Xiruen-Space has a number of different climates, but almost all of them are characterized by a lack of moisture, both on the ground and in the air.


Pale Shores is characterized by four large star-planets towards the middle. The climate of Avotoc-Space, like its inhabitants, is one of extremes: white-sand beaches and glaciers are found next to each other. Large seas are abundant across Pale Shores and the culture is largely sea and space faring.


Vale Reef is a narrow band of Asterisms shown on maps between Xiruen- and Quarryn-Space, and below the western portions of Poria-Space. Kettlah-Space is home to the Kettlah, who live on top of rock formations separated from the lower reaches of the continents by large clouds of mist-like vapor. Allegedly, large flora dominate the bases of these formations, but little to no documentation of what lies beneath the vapor exists.


Parallelium is a large and expansive stretch of star-planets and planet-stars that wraps around the eastern and southern edges of Astran-Space. Two large star-planets cap each end of Parallelium, and many other star-planets fills the space in between. Home to the Poria, these celestial bodies often have metal continents in addition to their natural ones.


Matriarch Grove hosts some of the inhabited areas furthest from the light of Astran. It is said that when rebuilding the universe from scratch, Quarrnyl started with Matriarch Grove and began building star-planets and planet-stars towards the other end of the universe, explaining why half of Omneutta is more heavily populated with celestial bodies than the other.


Sha’an-Space, more commonly known as The Blade overlaps with the westernmost edges of Pale Shores, and the northern boundaries of both Matriarch Grove and Parallelium. It is is loosely populated, as power struggle continuously envelopes the civilizations within year in and year out.


Turath-Space or The Hilt is isolated far from any other regularly-inhabited space. The planet-stars of the area boast some of the most diverse climates and geography of Omneutta as a whole. According to religious texts the patron Deity of the Turath individually crafted each celestial body, taking inspiration from across Omneutta.


Omneutta is home to numerous forms of life scattered across the stars, with the eight Sentient Species each inhabiting a different region of Omneutta. With the exception of Turath, most of the Sentient Species have preferred their regions and primarily reside among members of their own species. Additionally, many animals and other near-sentient species can be found across Omneutta as well.