—Modeled by Taruthe after Pale Shores, where relatively large bodies of water quickly transition to mountains.

Location Information

Terrain: Woodland, Mountainous
Climate: Warm Binary
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: The Hilt
Star Chart of The Hilt; click to enlarge

Wodagora has its own distinct flora and fauna, again all similar to those found in Pale Shores.1 Here, and not in many other places in The Hilt, one can find coniferous trees, in addition to other evergreen species. The presence of river fish is also higher and at a higher density than across elsewhere in Turath-Space, as is the likelihood of finding slightly larger aquatic creatures in the large bodies of water.1 Like Tang and volcanoes, few glacial landmasses can be found across Wodagora—but they are all of The Hilt’s occurrences.1

The Hilt Local Groups:

Locations in The Hilt: