This website is focused on the In Extremis series, and is ran by members of the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika (AMA, Ajika), an Omneuttian historical society. There are over 140 articles already on the website since the first article was published on April 13, 2014.

The website hosts In Extremis content in the form of articles organized in a Knowledge Base, and stories grouped into Plot-Arcs. If you’re new to In Extremis, read this guide prepared by Baic. If you’re not new to the series the site has undergone some organizational changes after being taken over by the Ajika, and this page will direct your attention.

Underneath the cover photo are three images. The first (shown above) links to the current Plot-Arc. At a time in which we are updating multiple Plot-Arcs concurrently, we may show multiple images or the image (and corresponding link) to the most recently updated Plot-Arc.

To the right (or below on mobile/tablet interfaces) is a link and image from the newest Expedition. These are themed content releases that include artwork, articles, and music/ambiences. Though we do put new content outside of Expeditions, these are our primary method of releasing content on the website. This image (and its link) will change multiple times a year, and will be changed as soon as members of the Ajika return from an Expedition.

The furthest right (or bottom) image of the three is for the Knowledge Base, a hub/directory to the article-style information on Omneuta that the website has to offer. The categories of the Knowledge Base include Artifacts, Books, Factions, Fauna, History, Immortals, Locations, and Omneuttians. Each of these category links redirects to a hub page of its own that contains all of the articles in the category and if applicable are separated into sub-categories of their own.

Below these three images and links is the Featured Article, which changes each month. These articles are selected for quality and quantity of information, and often feature artwork of the content on the article, or closely related. Many Featured Articles also have music embedded as well.

Below the Featured Article is a Featured Post. The post will be changed, and at times this section may not be there depending on circumstance. This post will likely highlight any website changes or other incoming content to the website such as an Expedition Itinerary.

Below this is the final portion of the home page, the Recurring Features. These include the weekly Forecast and Soundtrack Saturday posts as well as the monthly Wrap-Up. These are changed each time there is a new post.

The series is a combination of three elements: Music, Literature, and Artwork. As the Ajika continues to produce content in the forms of Plot-Arcs and standalone media we will seek to cohesively combine these three elements.