Skeli’n Studios is a website for the artistic pursuits of Mikkel S. Christensen, also known as Mr. Skeli’n. The majority of the website is focused on the In Extremis series, catalogued by the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika, an in-universe historical society. There are over 140 articles already on the website since the first article was published on April 13, 2014.

The In Extremis series consists of Plot-Arcs that follow specific characters, and lore literature, supplanted by music-books, articles on characters, locations, events, and various other aspects of Omneutta, along with standalone music and artwork.


With a variety spanning upbeat and energetic town music, frantic fight themes, and ambient soundscapes, music is a main vehicle to move fans through Omneutta.


From Plot-Arcs featuring novel-length works to assorted lore books from across the Known Universe, and short episodic series in between, there is always something to read.


Featured prominently on every article and collected in The Index, the artwork around the site is eye catching. Standalone artwork for wallpapers can be found on the Media page.

Featured Article


Okattaupos is a game played with pieces on a circular board. The game is for two players and is completed by scoring the most points. Points can be scored by removing your own pieces from the board or capturing your opponent’s.

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The In Extremis series features a mixture of music, literature, and artwork. These elements have been consistent from the start of the series’ development in 2012 through the present, but with refinements and additions over time. Most conventional storytelling is done through short, episodic book series, though additional material is available of which the Ontiba is the most notable. Standalone music is available on both Skeli’n Studio’s bandcamp and YouTube pages.


The timeline of Omneutta is split between Before and After time by the Timekeeping Reset, an event where the Deities promised to retreat to their star-planet in the center of Omneutta. Before Time is numbered in reverse order and a precise chronology is not known, due to the only known records being maintained in the Ontiba. After Time is kept in sequential order, with most literature taking place several hundred years into After Time.


In Extremis was inspired by several fictional series, notably the Legend of Zelda, Percy Jackson, Ender’s Octet, Inheritance Cycle, Destiny, the Elder Scrolls and Star Wars. The series deals with several concepts such as returning to different contexts, obligation, and existentialism.