A map of the Known Universe, with -Spaces coloured

The events of In Extremis unfold across Omneutta, in the expanding Known Universe. Omneutta is divided into eight sections of space: Divine Forge, The OutcroppingPale ShoresVale ReefParalleliumMatriarch GroveThe Blade, and The Hilt. Lore is the term used to refer to the information about the setting of the In Extremis universe.

This page functions as the Knowledge Base of the website, a disambiguation page that points to each major category of knowledge found on the website. This information covers a range of topics, such as the geography, history, and metaphysics, which combine to describe the nature of the setting.


Historical items of great power, wilded and/or used by both Deities and Mortals alike.

See Also: Weapons


A comprehensive and ever-growing list of books written by Omneuttians.


Groups, Guilds, and Orders in existence within Omneutta.


Known creatures who make their home in Omneutta


A history of the Known Universe, containing timelines chronicling the major events of Omneutta’s past.

See Also: The Ontiba


Descriptions of all the deities and demigods, presiding over the Known Universe


Information about the regions, star-planets, planet-stars, and cities of Omneutta.


The famous and infamous across the Known Universe by Species: