Matriarch Grove

Matriarch Grove

—It is said that when rebuilding the universe from scratch, Quarrnyl started with Matriarch Grove.

Location Information

Terrain: Forest, Woodland, Rolling Hills
Climate: Humid Rainforest
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Matriarch Grove
  2. The Qua
Star Chart of Matriarch Grove; click to enlarge

Matriarch Grove is generally understood with less recorded information and accounts of the details of the space.1 According to the Ontiba, it was one of the first places in Omneutta devoted to housing life. The dense section in the middle of Quarryn-Space is home to over half of the Quarryn in Omneutta, with the rest of Matriarch Grove and The Known Universe containing the other half.2

Light hills and small mountains are covered across most of Matriarch Grove by dense forests.1 Rivers constantly ferry fresh water across landmasses, where there are minimal seas. Very little exists other than dense forest, due to a lack of elevation change.1

The Elder Greens can be found to the north-east of the center of Matriarch Grove. They are a local group comprised of the oldest star-planets and planet-stars in Omneutta other than Astran.1 Also known as New Growth, Nuuafooraes (in Taenglaa) features the densest section of Matriarch Grove, with celestial bodies at times being close enough to share water vapors.1 The Withered woods can be found in the far south-west of Matriarch Grove, closest to Parallelium. The dormant shells of many tree-houses remain, and not all rivers run dry.1 Eaalaaem seems to be derived from the large insectoid creatures called Laaem that are native to the area and only found in this part of Omneutta.1 Like some other local groups across Omneutta, the word for the area predates the modern form of the language currently used by the Sentient Species, and its full meaning has been lost to time.