Elder Greens


SpaceMatriarch Grove

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
Rolling Hills, WoodlandTorrential RainforestUnknown

Musical Rendering from “Matriarch Grove EP”


Elder Greens is the oldest Local Group in Matriarch Grove, and contains the oldest star-planets and planet-stars other than Astran in Omneutta. The Quarryn who live here are older and sparsely populated, as Quarryn have slowly left over generations. The tree-homes in this local group are extremely tall, as are the trees that surround them.
Elder Greens finds itself home to rushing rivers as a result of its sudden precipitation, where wide swaths of land are little more than damp for weeks if not months at a time before having torrential rain that lasts for days. The rolling hills of the area are good for funneling this water into rivers to fill the usually dry valleys between them