The Eras

An overview of the various eras:

Before Time

After Time

  • Sentient Species meeting
  • Boom of civilizations
  • Founding and falling of several Empires
  • Collapse of Sha’an civilization

Before Time

Before Time is the collective period before the Timekeeping Reset. Though no exhaustive record exists of this time, it is widely believed to be at least 800 years in duration. Due to the lack of formal timekeeping within the time period, the dates are listed in reverse with the end of the period being 0 B.T.

  • ?-800

    ~800 Aster is created

  • 799-700

    771-723 First “Golden” Years

    723-700 Extiru imprisons other 7 Deities

  • 699-600

    700-687 Porrair takes control of Omneuta

    687-685 Sham’ayn ‘rules’

    685-677 First Deity War

    677-650 Quarrnyl rebuilds

    650-623 Davoto kills off many lifeforms

  • 599-500

    623-526 Haket takes the souls of all those killed, rescues Quarrnyl

    526-509 Second Deity War

  • 499-400

    509-485 Universe wide rebuilding effort

    500-450 Construction of Astran, and Tyme

    450-417 Second “Golden” Years

    417 Avotoc created

  • 399-300

    372 Poria created

    354 Quarryn created

    350 Xiruen created

  • 299-200

    291 Kettlah created

    234 Sha’an created

  • 199-100

    192 First recorded instance of Kettlah celebrating Gate Days

    144 Turath created

  • 99-0

    56 First recorded instance of Turath observing Niva

    29 First recorded instance of Turath observing Rain Day

    0 Timekeeping Reset

After Time

After Time is the collective period after the Timekeeping Reset. Thanks to strict record keeping by Poria scientists from this event forward, we can piece together a linear chronology of Omneutta since the event. Unlike Before Time, the events in After Time are numbered in sequential order.

  • 0-99

    0 Poria make contact with Avotoc; Timekeeping Reset

    3 First recorded instance of The Thawing being celebrated by Avotoc.

    18 Poria make contact with Quarryn

    40 Poria make contact with Kettlah

    42 Poria make contact with Sha’an

    55~86 The Gallants are founded

    56 Date of Shamayn’s Day established by Sha’an.

    59 Poria make contact with Xiruen

    62 First recorded instance of Cylorok Rocysts being celebrated by Turath.

    71 Alleged initial Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy meeting

    74 Poria make contact with Turath

    74 Date of Extiru’s Day established by Xiruen

  • 100-199

    130 The Gallants erect a hall named Lidouzyn

    184 The Gallants erect a hall named Dodarom

  • 200-299

    ~200 Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy formally recognized

    203 O.L.A.H. mandates all Astepas of Ontuavas become days of Rest

    225 The Gallants erect a hall named Cyliajaca

  • 300-399

    323 Poria officially move to grid-based city planning

  • 400-499

    400s First reports of Pirates

  • 500-599

    520s Beginning of the “Golden Age of Piracy”

  • 600-699

    604 The Gallants erect a hall named Dresklojo

    639 Mid-year, End’s Eve, and Dawn’s Day celebrations held outside of The Hilt for the first time

    679 End of the “Golden Age of Piracy”

  • 700-799

    721-775 Turath cultural upheaval

    785 Saldov’y first celebrated outside The Hilt

  • 800-899

    863 First reported use of Enforcers by OLAH Division of Adherence

  • 900-Present

    23 Tau, 931 Rey’ynar takes over The Blade

    936 Poria adopt rail system; abandon personal transport