The Known Universe


Omneutta, also known as ‘The Known Universe’ is the collection of Star-Planets, Planet-Stars, and other Celestial Bodies inhabited by Omneuttians. For the majority of its existence, it has now been occupied by the seven Sentient Species, who have split Omneutta into the eight sections of the Divine ForgeThe OutcroppingPale ShoresVale ReefParalelliumMatriarch GroveThe Blade, and The Hilt. All In Extremis content released thus far has taken place somewhere within Omneutta.


Recorded Omneuttian history is divided into two periods: Before Time, and After Time, split by the Timekeeping Reset.

Before Time

The nebulous beginning of Omneutta has no definite date as the era is counted retroactively from the Timekeeping Reset. As a period it is known mostly through myth and legend; what is recorded in the Ontiba though the main seven sections are filled with contradictory accounts.

After Time

After Time began with the first contact between Avotoc and Poria, the latter of whom achieved space travel within 400 years of their creation. It is believed that the current government of Omneutta was founded less than 100 years after this meeting, with cultures reacting in waves as technology spread around The Known Universe.


RegionsDivine Forge, The Outcropping, Pale Shores, Vale Reef, Parallelium, Matriarch Grove, The Blade, The Hilt

There are eight main regions across Omneutta, controlled or comprising mainly of each Sentient Species. Beyond the furthest reaches of inhabited star-planets and planet-stars is the Unknown-Universe. There are also several large Dust Clouds scattered around Omneutta.


Main Article: Divine Forge

Divine Forge is the space around Astran, where rare and valuable materials can be mined. Due to the proximity to the giant Star-Planet of Astran, even most of the Planet-Stars in this area are inhospitable. Travel through Astran-Space is not recommended and can damage most ships and passengers. It is very easy to identify Astran-Space due to Astran’s size and center position on all maps. Little of Divine Forge has been mapped on a surface level, though most if not all celestial bodies are accounted for.


Main Article: The Outcropping

The Outcropping can be identified not only by its shape, but also by the brown-orange colour that it is displayed with on most maps. Most continents on star-planets and planet-stars have a dry climate due to mostly consisting of open space and rock formations. Most of the liquid in a Xiruen-Space climate would be in the form of humidity inside structures, whether they are cave systems or the pillar like homes.


Main Article: Pale Shores

Avotoc-Space is close to Astran space for the most part and on some maps due to the colouring of both Astran- and Avotoc-Space can be hard to distinguish which is which. Avotoc-Space is characterized by four large star-planets in the middle. The climate of Pale Shores, like its inhabitants, is one of extremes; both white-sand beaches and glaciers can be found on the same continent. Large seas are abundant across Pale Shores as the culture is largely sea and space faring.


Main Article: Vale Reef

Kettlah-Space is a narrow band of Asterisms in between Xiruen- and Quarryn-Space. It is usually displayed as a golden colour on maps. Vale Reef is home to Kettlah, who live on top of rocks that are separated from their bases by large clouds of mist like vapor. Large flora dominate the bases of these mountains due to the heavy presence of liquid in the air. Like its inhabitants and their style, the terra of Vale Reef distinguishable and sleek which intimidates many on their first sighting.


Main Article: Parallelium

Parallelium is a large and expansive stretch of Star-Planets and Planet-Stars in between Astran- and Quarryn-Space as well as between Sha’an- and Kettlah-Space. Two behemoth Star-Planets cap each end of Parallelium and many other large star-planets fill the space in between. Home to the Poria, Parallelium often has metal, non-natural continents orbiting its star-planets and planet-stars. These metal continents are more sterile than their natural counterparts and as such are more favorable to hosting experiments.


Main Article: Matriarch Grove

Quarryn-Space is the furthest inhabited zones from Astran and is also the most dense. It is said that when rebuilding the universe from scratch, Quarrnyl started with the Matriarchal Grove and began building Star-Planets and Planet-Stars towards the other end of the universe, explaining why half of Omneutta is more heavily populated with celestial bodies than the other. Matriarchal Grove, as it’s name implies is heavily forested. Water is abundant and there is ample amount of both flora and fauna.


Main Article: The Blade

Sha’an-Space is loosely populated, as power struggle continuously envelopes The Sword year in and year out. The climate is temperate and similar to Turath-Space but its inhabitants do not prosper as the Turath do. Instead cities are built and left in shambles as power constantly changes hands.


Main Article: The Hilt

The Hilt, as Turath-Space is only rarely referred to as has quite a variable climate. Being so far from Astran, there are few deserts and the climate on most star-planets and planet-stars is temperate with slight variations. Turath value both form and function in their buildings and their city-centres can be some of the most impressive in Omneutta.


Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy

Main Article: O.L.A.H.

The government in Omneutta is an Ad-Hocracy- a government founded based on need. The Omni-Lata Ad-Hocracy (OLAH) operates from an unknown planet-star in order to ensure the relative safety and isolation of the council in order for the decisions not to be influenced by outside sources. The government is largely bureaucratic, run by a council of seven elders of the sentient species. Each of the seven sentient species chooses a representative in a way that each species chooses. Throughout time, the term of service varies and depends on the species and is usually a life term or at least a hundred years for consistency among decision makers.


Main Article: Lott

Lott is the official currency in use across all of The Known Universe. Manufactured by OLAH, estimates of the total Lott across Omneutta is around 178 trillion, with coinage ranging in value from 1-5,000. Manufacture of Lott by any entity other than OLAH is illegal and highly physically dangerous due to the location of the mines of the materials. Lott are two sided, unevenly shaped coins that are made out of a common, sturdy metal and covered with a thin layer of more valuable and rare materials.



Main Article: Uatti

There is one singular over-arcing religion throughout Omneutta, the religion that believes that the eight Deities created the known universe. Most individuals in all seven Sentient Species believe in the Deity creation, though each species has their own twist that often purports their own parent-Deity as being a central figure. There are also many denominations in each Species.


Technology across Omneutta varies, but advances in technology are largely made by the Poria. They were likely the first Sentient species to discover space travel, and are the most capable of metallurgy though they do not partake in aesthetic advances. Even though there is widespread access to space travel across the universe, there are many aspects in each Species’ society that lack technological improvement.


The eight Sentient Species refer to the normal seven Sentient species and the Deity race, the Ontautt. It is believed that Aster, the first Deity created the other seven Deities and then created the seven Sentient Species in their image.