—Known by several titles to do with death, Davoto is also the master of water across Omneutta—especially by those who see the Universe as an ocean.

Biographical Information:

presumed male, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Giant Skeleton
Ttl: Gate Keeper, The Unending Gaze
Dom: Death, Water, Ice

  1. The Ontiba
  2. The Dav
  3. From Sea to Ice
  4. Piracy, a History

Before Davoto’s creation, Aster and Extiru faced the threat of rampant overpopulation.1  In the Book of Aster, the concept of Death precedes Davoto himself, but it is unclear whether any creatures actually perished before the Deity’s creation. In the Dav, it is claimed that no creature had died a natural death before his creation.2

A few centuries before the Timekeeping Reset, Davoto was the first Deity to be granted a Sentient Species.2 This allowed his species—the Avotoc—to develop over a longer period of time, perhaps contributing to his benevolence towards Sentient Species at large. At times he has little patience for his own species, though this has also mellowed after the incident with Lu’Sca, and the Timekeeping Reset.2 Davoto sees the species as more than just tools to further the Deities’ goals and planning; he sees them as the sentient life they are, though he isn’t as willing as Aster to give them free reign.2

Though there are many bodies of literal water, space-travel through Omneutta is often though of as sailing an ocean (with the large bodies of literal water being referred to as seas) and those who travel seas or the ocean often seek his boon.3 Davoto is commonly attributed two artifacts that channel his power; like Porrair’s crown his is fabled only to appear to an avoc of certain ability and lineage.4

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