—Haket has control over light itself, creatures of flight, and is known as the Winged One.

Biographical Information

presumed male, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Winged Spectre
Ttl: Winged One
Dom: The Soul

  1. The Ontiba
  2. The Kel
  3. Traditional Stories of Vale Reef

Haket was created as a compliment to Davoto, more specifically to deal with the newly discovered element of Omneutta: the soul.1 Davoto was created to prevent overpopulation, but neither Davoto or Aster had anticipated the need to address non-physical essences.1

Haket with Aster created the first five kettlah, in an effort not to repeat the circumstances of his creation as well as the consequences of the Deity Wars—the buildup of more souls.2 Haket took this further by working with Sham’ayn to give the ability of future-sight to Niu, one of the first kets.2, 3

While Haket is assumed to have a positive view of Omneutta being in mortal care after the Timekeeping Reset—similar to Aster—he does not share the High Father’s positive view of mortal agency.2

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