The Ontiba

the Ontiba

The holy text for the known universe of Omneutta. The book is split into eight sections, with each section covering the legends of a specific deity. The first section describes the creation of the universe and Aster, while each subsequent section covers another deity. Each section is broken up into several chapters, with chapters covering the lives of non-Deities sometimes called books.


To reference stories or passages from the Ontiba, one must quote the section, then the chapter, and finally the line number or numbers you wish to reference. Citation of the Ontiba can be at times tricky, due to the disputes over which chapters of the later sections should be included. For the sections after section one, replacing the chapter number with the name is sometimes preferable.

Chapters by Section

Section One

—Section One contains only two chapters, and focuses mainly on a single narrative. To cite, use either ‘Aster’ or reference ‘Ontiba’ as a whole.

Section Two

—There are two other chapters in the Rux aside from the first devoted to Extiru, one each for Suugch and Bauz, two of the first xiruens.

Section Four

—The first chapter tells the story of the time between the Deities’ creation and the Timekeeping Reset. The remaining chapters cover the life of the first five kets.