—Also known as the High Father, the first of the Ontautt, and the central pillar of Uatti – the de-facto religion for most Omneuttians.

Biographical Information

presumed male, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Headless Biped
Ttl: High Father, Holy One
Dom: Creation, Life

  1. The Book of Aster
  2. The Ontiba
  3. Aster’s Whispers

It is debated whether his appearance was because of the creation of The Known Universe or vice versa.1 It is generally agreed that they coincided, after which he created the other Deities.1 He holds the domains of Creation, and Life, and those who seek his blessing usually do so for clarity in meaningful life choices.

Throughout the 800-or-so years preceding the Timekeeping Reset, Aster oversaw Omneutta through several periods of relative calm, and two long periods of conflict between the Ontautt.2 Specifically, from 509 B.T. onwards, Aster brought the Deities together to rebuild Omneutta, construct Astran, and the creation of the mortal Sentient Species.2

Though written as they were given to the other Ontautt, Aster’s Whispers are usually viewed as missives to the Sentient Species, often recited at the beginning of worship services.3 It is speculated that Aster is the only Deity to universally hold true to the promise made at the Timekeeping Reset, given that he did little to change the lives of mortals before it.1

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