Blamed near-universally by parents and officials for those who have gone astray or committed foul acts, her domains are Curses, Hexes, and Trickery.

Biographical Information

female, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Biped Fox
Ttl: Sinister Singer, Priestess of the Shadow
Dom: Curses, Hexes, Trickery

  1. Aster’s Whispers
  2. The Ontiba
  3. The Am’n
  4. Children of the Shadows
  5. Torn Asunder
  6. Hard Fought Truths

Inadvertently created with Taruthe when Aster wished for one more Deity to unite the Ontautt, Sham’ayn has always been in touch with magik of the Known Universe unrelated to Aster.1 These loose magiks are believed to be curated by Sham’ayn, though it is unclear whether she controls them or acts as a conduit, much like Aster does.2

Though she was one of the central figures in both Deity wars, her magik was a key component in bringing the Ontautt together on Astran and Tyme.2 Medallions she created with Aster bind each Deity to their shared form, and dull their abilities.3

Her influence over The Blade and other ills across Omneutta is of much debate, especially amongst her children—the sha’an.4, 5 Though she is often depicted as wielding artifacts like the other Deities, many shani believe that symbology is more important in channeling her magiks than the artifacts themselves.6

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