Biographical Information

OntauttFemaleBiped Fox

Religious Information

TitlesDomainsHoly Text
Sinister Singer, Priestess of the ShadowCurses, Hexes, TrickeryThe Am’n


ClothesArmourWeaponrySeen With
Deity Robes, Sham’ayn’s CloakWrist WrapsNoneOntautt

And He said to Sham’ayn: Though unintended you are not unwanted. Limit your time spent with what magik is far from my light.

Aster, Whispers

Sham’ayn is also referred to as the Sinister Singer and the Priestess of Shadow. Blamed near-universally by parents and officials for those who have gone astray or committed foul acts, her domains are Curses, Hexes, and Trickery. According to the Ontiba, Sham’ayn was inadvertently created by Aster when he felt that one more deity was needed. However, instead of creating one more deity, Aster created both Sham’ayn and Taruthe.


Believed to be the curator of all loose magiks in Omneutta, Sham’ayn’s blessing is sought out by members of each Sentient Species. In shani culture, carved wood tributes are burned in the central brazier of a temple to Sham’ayn to bless a young shani; in the large parts of The Blade where the temples have been lost to ruin, large bonfires are substituted.


Sham’ayn is sometimes depicted with a staff, though this is rare in comparison to the times in which she is depicted channeling loose magiks from her hands. Symbology may be more important in channeling Sham’ayn’s magiks than other Deities, since the magiks are not directly hers to control, and therefore not held in any artifacts. However, there have been a few artifacts attributed to her over time, believed to be sources of some of the magiks that she found.

View of Sentient Species

Sham’ayn has developed a bit of an appreciation for the Sentient Species and unlike some of the other Deities, believes that they should have full control over their own lives. However, she resents what her species, the Sha’an, have become: a continually dysfunctional society whose power is constantly changing hands. She harbours this resentment not against any other deity or a Sentient Species not her own, simply the fact that they cannot coalesce into a society like each other Sentient Species has done.


Unlike Deities such as Aster or Quarrnyl, Sham’ayn is known to frequently interfere in the lives of mortals. Unlike the other Deities, she has no desire to make large-scale changes, and is believed to be a bearer of bad omens and luck to Sentient Species other than the Sha’an.

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