—Created for the organization and furthering of all knowledge, Porrair is credited as the first practitioner of science in Omneutta.

Biographical Information:

presumed female, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Humanoid Lava
Ttl: The Knowledge Seeker, Flaming Eye
Dom: Knowledge, Fire, Lava, Metal

  1. The Ontiba
  2. the Po
  3. Survey: Early Pori Beliefs
  4. Aster’s Whispers

Porrair’s creation was brought on after the first four Ontautt that preceded her determined that they had too much information to store in their own memories.1 Despite her own species being genderless she is consistently described as female, without any connotations of being motherly as those are attributed to Quarrnyl.2, 3

Porrair is also attributed the most restrictive views towards the Sentient Species as a whole, but seems to honour the pact of the Timekeeping Reset more than others who share her views.3 She views the free will given to the seven Sentient Species as a hinderance to the Deities’ overall goal of keeping Omneuttia balanced and efficiently moving in all aspects of life such as political policy, scientific discovery, exploration, and social progress.2

Porrair’s crown is said to be the size of a throne compared to mortal pori. It is said that the pori who finds this throne will transform Parallelium into a Hereditary Monarchy, as only the true heir to Porrair’s throne can withstand the heat of sitting in it.3 Many pori quietly invoke her name during experiments in an effort to make sure proper procedure is followed, and during expeditions in efforts to make sure artifacts, specimens, or other materials are not contaminated.3

Other Ontautt: