—Taruthe’s role among the Ontautt is to ensure balance, and is invoked as a patron of justice in Omneuttian cultures that have laws.

Biographical Information:

male, Ontautt
B: ~800 B.T., Omneutta
D: Immortal
Frm: Biped Lion
Ttl: Lord of Fair Trade, The Fulcrum
Dom: Balance, Justice, Magic

  1. The Ontiba
  2. The Ath
  3. Missive: Restore the Hilt

Inadvertently created with Sham’ayn when Aster wished for one more Deity to unite the Ontautt, Taruthe was given the ability to control portions of each preceding Deities’ magics.1 Aster tasked him with the responsibility to do so in ways that would balance out all of their personalities and powers.2

Taruthe’s views on the agency and existence of the Sentient Species as a whole might be related to the Turath being created despite Taruthe not asking for them. Overall, Taruthe in benevolent towards Sentient life, especially in times of widespread peace across the Universe.2 However, Taruthe is very much a stickler for tradition and the “natural order”, as it pertains to balance.2 It is theorized that too much technological advancement could anger Taruthe, who could destroy mortal beings in the name of preserving the natural order.3

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