Missive: Restore the Hilt

Missive: Restore the Hilt

—A pamphlet passed around The Hilt at the height of cultural upheaval that ultimately ended with a shift to minimalism.


Class: Report, Journal
Wc: 416


Aut: Society for Re-Naturalization
Dt: 751 A.T.
Ogn: Visage

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In this I must speak—no I call—to the turths across Omneutta and the residents of The Hilt. We have abandoned the balance of which our guide spoke. In our metal sculptures adorned in the glow of our advances we have gone beyond these sufficient means. Across The Hilt can be seen mines, quarries, refineries, factories; these unsightly blights on our natural surroundings must go. However, we do not have to rid ourselves of the amenities of the modern age.

There are days in which the pads of my feet do not touch dirt, or grass. We must seek to reform our cities, our buildings, our dwellings, our ways of life to be within balance with the natural world again. This sense of balance is integral to all turths—we teach that balance must be maintained in education, in the spirit, and in the home. It is key in our magic to feel the true nature of what we call forth—yet we have abandoned our own true nature. We turths must have balance, and we are lacking it.

Many turths and other residents of The Hilt have been experiencing sleepless nights, and when they can dream they are terrorized by visions. Our workers, our teachers, across all trades we have witnessed a decline that is clearly profound if viewed at an appropriate scale. This is known, yet we have been hesitant to face what is clearly the source of our problem.

There are those who do not believe our creation was to shape the lands we were given as Taruthe would have wanted—to continue his work in his name, a truly remarkable feat for his mortal children. Pommel is still not yet a reflection of the lands not of The Hilt, and we have abandoned our efforts to grow flora of the scale of the humid Grove.

I am not here to ask for what reasons we mortal children would we be given access to the Known Universe’s magic, to care for others, or to return to times before industry, but to state that our desire for restoration is multifaceted. If the cultural decay is not obvious to you, perhaps belief in our fundamental mission resonates within. We cannot be the pori, with their homogenous focus towards singular goals, and unilateral lifestyles. These changes we must make must be adaptable to localities, their trades, goods, and resources, but applicable enough that we can still recognize each other.

Please, we must restore The Hilt.