The Hilt


Dominant RaceTurath

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of InterestLocal Groups
Mountainous, HighlandsSubarid Temperate, Humid TorrentialZiemisPommel, Wodagora, Duslady, Tang

Musical rendering from ’The Hilt EP’


Taruthe originally conceived The Hilt to be a mini Omneutta of sorts, where Turath would find home in the planet-stars at the center that would represent Astran. The surrounding space was created as an attempt to reflect the rest of Omneutta’s diverse climate. However, Taruthe did not finish this undertaking by the timekeeping reset.


The overall geography of The Hilt varies depending on the Local Group, but there are similarities between the four Local Groups of Pommel, Wodagora, Duslady, and Tang. Water is an important resource for the Turath, so nearly all settlements are built near a source of water, whether that is a sea, lake, or river. Mountains are also prominent across all of The Hilt, dominating the horizon of nearly every star-planet and planet-star.

Local Groups


Pommel is what became of the original home of the Turath. When Taruthe realized his mini-Omneutta would not be ready in time he split the cluster of planet-stars that would represent Astran into two semi-circles with space in the middle to symbolize Astran.


Wodagora is the Turath version of the Pale Shores. Wodagora is home to most of the largest bodies of water in The Hilt, though they do not feature graves like those in Avotoc-Space. Here, the mountains are much closer to the bodies of water than they are elsewhere in The Hilt, just as they are in Pale Shores. Wodagora sits just above Pommel on most maps.


Duslady is the Turath representation of Xiruen-Space. Located far from Pommel and Wodagora, Duslady features mountain ranges surrounded by dry, rolling plains. Most of the moisture in Duslady remains in bodies of water or on top of mountains in the form of snow and ice. Lively green islands are a common sight in Duslady.


While Tang is not a perfect representation of Parallelium, the geography is similar to Poria architecture. The low mountains turn into large, mostly flat plains that in turn abruptly end and descend vertically to the seas. Unless you are a fan of wide, open spaces, there is not much geographic beauty to be found in Tang, which remains scattered along the side of The Hilt closest to Pale Shores.