SpaceThe Hilt

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Grassland BasinSeasonal TemperateUnknown

Musical rendering from “The Hilt EP


There are many features of Tang that would make it obvious to any Omneuttian who might find themselves in this local group. One of the most apparent from any distance is the wide sections of flatland. There are few large forests, whether in size, density, or canopy height. Most land is occupied by short grasses and shrubs before dropping off into near-vertical cliff faces.
The other very obvious feature are the steam vents that dot the landscape. Around these vents, due to the relatively high volume of moisture, there are large variations in flora around the vents, and in landmasses that have these vents there are more fauna that have adapted to seek out the flora that surrounds them. Very rarely, volcanoes can be found in Tang and they are almost always slow-rolling shield volcanoes.