SpaceThe Hilt

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TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
Mountainous, SavannaWarm, Dry BinaryUnknown

Musical rendering from “The Hilt EP


Much like the section of Omneutta from which it was based, Duslady offers stark contrast between its sloping lowlands dotted with brush and hardy trees and its rocky features. In The Outcropping these rocky features are the rock pillars that the space is known for, but here they are tall angular mountains. Atop these mountains is almost always several meters of snow, where most of the moisture in the local group can be found.
However, unlike Xiruen-Space it would not be correct to call Duslady a desert. There is often running water that occasionally collect in small bodies, coming from either underground reservoirs or snowmelt runoff. This water is just enough to support local flora, fauna, and small turth communities without running dry.