Pale Shores


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TerrainClimatePoints of InterestLocal Groups
Mountainous Seashore, Glacial Basins, WoodlandSeasonal TemperateDavo, FieftFieft, Aft Seas, Adrift

Musical rendering from ‘Pale Shores EP’


Pale Shores or Avotoc-Space exists just above Astran-Space and is among the smaller spaces, if not the smallest. What it lacks in size it makes up for in density of its star-planets and planet-stars. Three of the largest star-planets in Omneutta exist in the center of Pale Shores and are known as Fieft.



Avotoc-Space offers stark contrast on almost every landmass from the seashores of the large seas to the vast mountain ranges that surround them. Glacial valleys have been carved out on many landmasses that protrude far enough from their star-core. On the other side of the mountains from the seashore often lie expansive grasslands dotted in knolls, but desserts can infrequently be seen on Pale Shore lands as well.
There are three local groups within Pale Shores, and they are all local groups by proximity, rather than geographic occurrences. Seen above and below, the “majority” of Avotoc-Space falls outside categorization in one of the three local groups, as it exists between Fieft and Adrift.

Local Groups


Central to the Avotoc religion of Efteta, the three large Star-Planets in the middle of Avotoc-Space are categorized as a local group along with the still-fairly-large fourth Star-Planet closer to Astran-Space due to their sheer size and use as a waypoint. The much smaller Star-Planets and other Planet-Stars in the immediate vicinity also belong in this local group, though they are predominantly uninhabited due to their proximity.

Aft Seas

The Aft Seas—called such because of their position ‘above’ the majority of Pale Shores—are generally divided as everything North of Fieft. There is much variety in culture and capital in the Aft Seas due to the large variance in climate between the Planet-Stars closest to Fieft and those furthest. The Planet-Stars closest to the Fieft are also prime shipping hubs for routes traveling generally east or south due to their ability to use the gravitational pull of the large Star-Planets to accelerate.


Ofen referred to as “Adrift Sands” or “Sands Adrift”, this local group comprises of the loosely scattered celestial bodies between the bulk of Avotoc-Space and The Blade. The furthest east of these Planet-Stars and Star-Planets often find themselves in the large dust cloud that freely floats between the two sections of Omneutta.