Topographic Map of Davo


Pale ShoresPlanet-StarN/A


Familial HierarchyN/ATemperate Mountainous SeashoreN/A


Davo is one of the oldest planet-stars in Omneutta, according to the Ontiba. According to legend, it was the burial place of all life in the Known Universe for many centuries Before Time. Because of this, Ava is one of if not the most well known Avotoc cities. Despite being the capitol of Davo, Ava is not the largest city. The other three cities that neighbor the GreatSea have all grown larger than Ava, and it retains its status as capitol due to historical significance.



Each city of Davo, like all Avotoc areas, is run in a familial hierarchy. The eldest Avotoc, regardless of gender can usually be found in charge of most aspects of a city or town. Most cities are still dominated by one extended family, with the eldest at the top of each family, regardless of gender. Avotoc’s tend to deal with infractions of their rules and laws internally within each city or on each planet-star rather than involving OLAH, and Davo is no different.


Most Avotoc economies center around fishing and the shipping business. Toc and Ato are vibrant port markets, distributing goods to and from their side of the GreatSea. Ava is a slightly different Avotoc economy, as it is a historical town that needs to depend less on trade due to tourism.
Davo has one of the more diverse economies for an Avotoc planet, including producing goods like lumber and raw power that most Avotoc planet-stars are incapable of. These goods do have to be distributed around and off of Davo, so the shipping industry is paramount.


Avotoc make up almost the entire population of Davo, except for some other Sentient Species that have founded businesses in port markets.


Davo remains true to the geographic identity of Pale Shores with large bodies of water that quickly transform through beaches to mountains. Davo’s most distinct feature is the GreatSea, a large body of water that takes up nearly a third of all land on Davo. The Planet-Star also features multiple deserts, a glacial valley, multiple mountain ranges, and 5 other bodies of water.


The GreatSea is one of the most geographically distinct features of Davo. One of the largest seas in all of Omneutta, the GreatSea has historical and religious significance along with being home to many different kinds of industry. The outer sides of the GreatSea slope towards the shores gradually, except in the case of the mountains that surround much of the GreatSea. There are several sections of the GreatSea that have a depth of several kilometers. At these extreme depths it is not uncommon to find the sea’s floor glassed by the heat of the star-core, allowing light through.



Axivapo Desert is the most arid desert on Davo. Not the largest- that distinction goes to the eastern desert surrounding Apoukkin. However, the Axivapo desert is completely sealed off from moisture by the mountain range on the northwestern edge of the GreatSea. Almost all creatures that live in the desert are carnivorous, surviving off of the natural food chain. Those who cannot take refuge from the heat under the sand spend most of the light dwelling in caves.


Another desert, referred to as the Yaor or ‘larger’ desert. It is found past the landmass that extends from the northeastern portion of the GreatSea, past the city of Pouc. A small desert oasis called Apoukkin lies on the edge of the desert, just west of the end of the river.

Mountain Ranges

Seen in background of the accompanying .gif, Mount Ato is the highest mountain on Davo, and is located to the southeast of the city Ato. The surrounding mountain range carries the name, and are called the Ato Mountains. Because of its height, it is one of few mountains in the mountain range that collects frozen precipitation. There is some speculation that Mt. Ato was once a volcano, but expeditions are rarely undertaken.
There is a glacial valley, referred to as ‘the glacial valley’ that exists on the far end of the landmass extended from Ava. This section of the planet-star gradually extends away from the star-core, and the land at the base of the glacial valley is the furthest point from the star-core. The river that flows from the glacier is the source of the freshest water on Davo, and many journey there because of it.