—While this Local Group has more religious than practical use, the light and heat from the four central star-planets affect much of Pale Shores.

Location Information

Terrain: Glacial Mountainous
Climate: Subpolar Temperate
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Pale Shores
  2. Wayfarer Map: Divine Forge
Star Chart of Pale Shores; click to enlarge

Due to the four large Star-Planets that take up the majority of the area attributed to this local group, most of the Planet-Stars are inhospitable. What few Planet-Stars that are hospitable are on the fringe, either towards Adrift, Aft Shores, or Astran-Space.1

There is little geographic similarity amongst the local group that isn’t seen elsewhere among Pale Shores, though there are some planet-stars that share the geographic features of Divine Forge, including highlands rich with minerals.2 Other than proximity to the four large Star-Planets, the only thing that binds Fieft together is the abundance of Lieyos.1

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