SpacePale Shores

Location Information

TerrainClimatePoints of Interest
Mountainous, Rolling HillsSubarid TemperateUnknown

Musical rendering from “Pale Shores EP”


This local group has more importance to the Avoc religion Efteta than it does practical use. Due to the four large Star-Planets that take up the majority of the area attributed to this local group, most of the Planet-Stars are inhospitable. What few Planet-Stars that are hospitable are on the fringe, either towards Adrift, Aft Shores, or Astran-Space.
There is little geographic similarity amongst the local group that isn’t seen elsewhere among Pale Shores, though there are some planet-stars that share the geographic features of Divine Forge, including highlands rich with minerals. Other than proximity to the four large Star-Planets, the only thing that binds Fieft together is the abundance of Lieyos.