The Outcropping

The Outcropping

—Sub-arid at best, The Outcropping has little in the way of vegetation and moisture but life here has adapted.

Location Information

Terrain: Highland
Climate: Arid, Semi-Arid
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. The Rux
  2. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand
  3. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap
  4. Piracy, A History
Star Chart of The Outcropping; click to enlarge

Most if The Outcropping is covered by large deserts, with expanses of short, dry grasslands between.1 Xiruen-Space is notable for the rock structures in which the Xiruen make their homes—many of these “rocks” are actually hardened forms of vegitation that grow slowly towards light sources, often at odd angles.1

Though the Xiruen generaly are reluctant to allow outsiders across the space, all Sentient Species are at risk of becoming prey of many of the fauna across The Outcropping.2 Unlike many other places across Omneutta, The Outcropping was not designed with any long-term or large-scale plan.1 This is evident in the many geological and climate perplexities across the space such as the odd rock formations in the middle of shifting sand dunes, the cave systems, and most notably the existence of Pan Arbnhap.3

Seen in the map to the left, The Outcropping can roughly be categorized into three Local Groups by geography as well as proximity. Xusoigar or “Buukh” is the driest of the three.2 Sentii is home to many generations of power struggle, and is also known as “Oolgii”, likely from the same language as buukh and perhaps Pan Arbnhap.4 While Sentii has some moisture, nowhere else in The Outcropping compares to Pan Arnhap, where both standing and flowing water can be found with ease.3