New Growth

—The trees, as well as the planet-stars and star-planets here are among the youngest in The Known Universe, and may be post-Timekeeping Reset.

Location Information

Terrain: Rolling Hills, Forest
Climate: Humid Rainforest
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Matriarch Grove
Star Chart of Matriarch Grove; click to enlarge

Nuuafooraes is known to all those outside it—even other Quarryn – as New Growth.1 Here, the tree-homes are grown extremely large, often towering over other geographical features beneath them, and are visible – to those above the tree tops—for several kilometers.1 New Growth is also the most welcoming Local Group in Matriarch Grove, in large part to the large communal trees. While the Quarryn prefer to live in trees, non-Quarryn often build dwellings underneath the cover provided by the large trees that are more accommodating to them.1

Matriarch Grove Local Groups:

Locations in Matriarch Grove: