—More aptly described as a swamp than rainforest, Eaalaaem is home to the majority of leaves across Matriarch Grove

Location Information

Terrain: Forest, Woodland
Climate: Humid
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Matriarch Grove
Star Chart of Matriarch Grove; click to enlarge

This local group is mostly comprised of swamp-like forests and contain predominantly a particular type of tree—one of if not the last species of tree in Matriarch Grove to bear leaves.1 The leaves of these trees grow high above the forest floor, which is usually covered by water or at the very least, a dense mist. As they are consumed by the local wildlife, the remains fall into the water, where a chemical reaction heats them up, causing more mist and humidity.1

It is due to this cycle of the nutritious material being consumed by the local group’s endemic species (the Laaem) that makes this local group unique. The air is so dense from the humidity that many other animal species find it difficult to survive let alone thrive as exclusively as the Laeem do here.1 With the lack of animals and solid ground, many plant species have unique adaptations that allow them to live either far from the water—like the leaves of the trees—or at least partially submerged.1

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