Quarryn (pn. kwahr-ihn) could be called blind, but it would not be entirely correct as they simply no longer have eyes. Other senses have been heightened over time as the species has evolved through generations—mostly their senses of touch and hearing. Quarryn are visually distinct in a number of ways aside from their eyes including their three legs and branch-like veins.



Biographical Information

Unknown, Matriarch GroveQuarryns60 yearsTaenglaa


According to the Ontiba, the first Quarryn were fraternal triplet sisters, born from the same egg. Quarrnyl created the Quarryn with Aster to help her keep track of Porrair and her Poria. She specifically requested from Aster that she be allowed to give birth to offspring directly, intending to have them one at a time. When the three emerged from her first egg, she deemed these first three Quarryn the triumvirate rulers of what would come to be her realm. Eventually Quarrnyl would give birth to a male to assist in populating the species without her. The first few generations of Quarryn looked unlike those that exist presently, with smooth skin, functioning eyes, and an—otherwise from their green skin and three legs—humanoid appearance. Quarrnyl gave the triumvirate special artifacts from the rest of Omneutta to connect them to nature and the land.


Physical Information

Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.6 m. 5’ 3″66 kg. 145 lbs.Three Legs Branch Veins

Despite not having eyes, Quarryn are well aware of their surroundings—as long as they stand on natural ground. Like many creatures who lack eyesight, their other senses are heightened, specifically their senses of touch and hearing. The bottom of each of their three feet contain highly sensitive nerves, so that they can determine where things are by their vibrations through the ground. A sensitive pair of ears also aids in determining their surroundings. The root-like growths on their chests vary on the individual, but ultimately wrap around from the chest to the back. Some Quarryn may have growths going up their backs, onto their arms, or even down their legs.



Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.6 m. 5’ 3″66 kg. 145 lbs.Olive-Green skin Tree-Vein pointer finger

Goilee (pn. goy-lE) are the most numerous, widespread, and thus recognized race due to their versatility in living arrangements. No Quarryn need to exist in any specific environment, as long as the ground is natural, and Goilee have no provisions in addition to this rule. Their branch-veins are the most visible amongst the three, and the most wood-like. These veins take the place of their third/pointer finger and is much longer than this finger on other races, for reasons currently unknown.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.57 m. 5′ 2″64 kg. 141 lbs.Blue-Green skin Webbed fingers

Uiiseg (pn. U-I-sehg) are the more amphibious of the races. In addition to their mouthes they have small gills on their necks, and their branch-veins are made from a more sponge-like material that can extract oxygen from water as they swim. As such, Uiiseg residences are more akin to dams built by beavers on Earth. They have three fingers on their hands, with a webbing between each to aid in swimming. Uiiseg are usually found in Eaalaaem, where the waters are the deepest across Matriarch Grove.


Average HeightAverage WeightDistinctions
1.5 m. 5′ 1″65 kg. 143 lbs.Dark-Green skin Segmented branch-veins

Craob (pn. crawhb) are the most reclusive of the three races, as they prefer to grow their trees so that the branches make both the furniture and the walls of their living quarters. Their dwellings are far above the ground and look similar to a bird nest. Since they have no wings, they must climb—a process which is made possible by their three long fingers and pointed feet. Craob are most commonly found in Elder Greens, though they can be found high above the ground in New Growth and Eaalaaem.



Taenglaa (pn. taehn-glA) used to be a much more visually elegant language, with fewer characters before the Quarryn lost their eyes. Over generations, the characters of the language were simplified into straight lines that the Quarryn could feel, while simultaneously adding new characters to represent through inflections and pronunciation what facial and body expression no longer could. Along with Jistlek, it is one of two languages that uses every vowel and consonant from the In Extremis phonetic guide. The language is made up of 20 vowels and 27 consonants, and has a few interesting rules such as any word that starts with a vowel uses its doubled letter pronunciation, for example “Eaalaaem” is pronounced the same as if it was spelt “Eeaalaaem”.

Government and Social Structure

The Quarryn government revolves around the Triumvirate, passed down most often to non-offspring. According to the Qua, Quarrnyl originally gave the three special artifacts: the Eefiga of Aneet was given the skull of one of Davoto’s pets dug from it’s grave which Davoto eventually forgave, the Eefiga of Fandii was given the first sapling grown on Astran, and the Eefiga of Taalam was given a metallic eye that was supposed to represent her from Taruthe’s orrery, inadvertently causing an eight year war.


Quarryn overall, as do the other Sentient Species, accept the first book of the Ontiba without question. Quarrnyl on a whole is worshiped to the same level as the other species worship their parent deities, though there is a significant denomination of Quarryn who view her as a mother-nature, patron-saint kind of figure rather than a deity to be worshipped.

Relations with Other Species

Quarryn tend towards friendly relations with other Sentient Species, though they can be reserved in Matriarch Grove itself. In their native lands, Quarryn seem to prefer to quarantine themselves from outsiders, leaving them more-or-less-free to build their own structures underneath gigantic trees. Outside of the Grove, Quarryn do their best to adapt to the customs and practices of there they find themselves, though they do continue to abstain from eating meat. They will not put themselves in situations where they would be asked to waver on similar positions.

Notable Members


Unlike many of the other species, the Quarryn do not have a rich musical tradition. Perhaps because their language was forced to adapt with new sounds and inflections, some Quarryn have taken to music creation; the standardization of the instruments being grown and developed across Matriarch Grove is a contemporary concern.


Though Quarrryn have the intellectual capability and resources to be a technologically advanced society, they have little to show for it in the way of inventions and machines with one notable exception. Quarryn design large, round ships to travel through space, and the engineers of other species would like to study the ships to see if they are indeed alive. Otherwise, they tend to make most of their societal advancements naturally, and their large knowledge of medicine is entirely alchemical.


Main Article: Quarryn-Space

The dense section in the middle of Quarryn-Space is home to over half of the Quarryn in Oneutta, with the rest of Matriarch Grove and Omneutta containing the entire other half of the species. Due to the sheer amount of plant-life across the space, most of, if not all of, Matriarch Grove’s planet-stars and star-planets are extremely humid.


Which planet-star exactly classifies as the homeworld for the Quarryn has been under debate by Quarryn scholars for centuries. The first three Quarryn were born on Astran, specifically on Paotaim. From there, Quarrnyl sent them “to the trees”, which likely meant the first planet-stars in what would become Matriarch Grove. It is likely this planet-star would be within Elder Greens or Withered Woods.