—The towering giants of Omneutta most easily recognized by their four arms, tall stature, or the horns that most sport on their foreheads.


Homeworld: Unknown, The Outcropping
Pn: (sI-rooh-ehn)
Pl: xiruens

  1. Ontiba 2
  2. Piracy, a History
  3. Caring for Unee
  4. A Warning on Mixed Relations
  5. Survey: Moisture of Pan Arbnhap
  6. Dangerous Lizards Among the Sand

The fourth Sentient Species created at the behest of Extiru who was upset at three other Ontautt for having their own Sentient Species.1 As a species they quickly organized themselves into Realms and warred amongst themselves for space and control across The Outcropping following the Timekeeping Reset.2


The Xiruen are most easily recognized by their large stature and four arms. It is of note that their upper arms are smaller than the lower ones, for the most part preventing Xiruen from lifting things above their heads.3 They are known to use their hands to carve out their rocky dwellings, so their bones must be very strong, at least in their hands.3 Xiruen normally stand around 2.4 m. (8’ 4”), and weigh 165 kg. (363 lbs.), and can live up to 95 years, though those in The Outcropping rarely reach that age.5

Xiruen races are differentiated most easily by their head shapes, and it is believed the races stem from responses to different preferred environments over generations.4 Xeviin (pn. saeh-vihn) are the most populous, with rounded heads, large eyes, and straight necks stemming from living further inside rocks for generations.4 Xemgen (pn. saehm-gaehn) have a more conical head, small eyes, and a longer set of upper arms that are helpful for cliffside living.4 Xegoir (pn. sah-goyr) are a mix of the two and have the shortest horns.


Xiruen are organized into Realms ruled by a Rex, though the structure below a Rex varies wildly between Realms.2 Family dynamics are long-gone from Xiruen culture, though they did exist at one point as evidenced by their naming conventions. Names are given by the parents to offspring and are frequently one of the parents’ names. If the child is the same gender as the parent they inherit the name from, there are ending modifications, though it is not clear why.4

Xiruen are more ritualistic than spiritual, putting their stock in superstitious actions that have produced at the least non-negative actions in the past. One of these is their death tradition of Ukhlin Thuim, where the dead are placed on a pyre and pushed off the edge of a continent towards the star-core.5

Xiruens can be hostile to those defined as outsiders, which can even include other xiruens.6 The entire local group of Pan Arbnhap is more or less off limits to everyone other than the xiruens who already live there.5 Those who have grown to live in elsewhere in Omneutta integrate well.

Barzacc (pn. buhr-zuhks) is a language that has evolved over time to incorporate variations from multiple Realms. The language is no longer defined rigidly in width, height, or spacing between letters and words, but in general shapes that make up each letter.


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Overall, The Outcropping is as brutal as its inhabitants and is a dry, arid locale where only the shadows are hospitable to most. Most “rock” that dominates the worlds of The Outcropping is actually hardened vegetative material, a special kind of plant family that grows slowly overtime towards prolonged sources of light.