Kaniovac ‘Andyda

Kaniovac ‘Andyda

(zjah-O-wach Ahn-dih-dah)

—An Ethnologist from the Egur Institute with a young but wide-ranging career.

Biographical Information

female, Turath
B: 954 B.T., Foeluien, Keeseefoe, Booducieyoe, Parallelium
D: —
Ht: 1.82 m. | 6’ 0”
Wt: 97 kg. | 215 lbs.

  1. Faculty Biography, Egur-Institute Ethnology Department
  2. The “Monsters” In Our Midst
  3. Sha’an: Not What You Think
  4. Molten Machines
  5. Budding Inquiries

Kaniovac grew up on the eastern edge of Parallelium, on a star-planet ostensibly part of Matriarch Grove, but populated by pori nonetheless. Though her education began later than pori in the same area, she was chosen to receive general education at a nearby city-centre.1

Following twelve studying under various professors and researchers at the Egur-Institute, Kaniovac was hired at the age of 26 to the Ethnology department.1 She has since undergone many research expeditions across Omneutta and published several writings. Her major works are in-depth-yet-approachable explainers that intertwine culture, philosophy, and sociology. In academic circles she is known for her work consolidating research on and conducting interviews with xiruens and shani.2, 3 To others her writings cover not well-known topics on the pori and quarryn. 4, 5