—Technically a star-planet, Ohr’s manufactured continents allow it to be one of the largest habitable celestial bodies in Omneutta.

Location Information

Terrain: Rolling Hills, Mountainous
Climate: Seasonal Temperate
Points of Interest: Unknown

  1. Wayfarer Map: Ohr
  2. Historic Hoyu
Projection map of Ohr; click to enlarge

Ohr was one of the first star-planets to be astroengineered with the use of manufactured continents.1 The outer layer of continents on Ohr was constructed in 348 A.T. and in traditional Poria fashion, the first continent was named Hunziy. Some of these manufactured continents due to their age have begun to split—some have broken off and drifted such as Hunziy—but have since been stabilized.1

Roughly a century prior, Hoyu dul Nakeil developed a system that made possible the manufacturing of continents with the proper curvature to orbit uniformly around a star-core as well as their transportation to their final location from the manufacturing facility.2 These habitable continents are basic in their geographic content—made before the pori learned processes and configurations to shape continents to their will.1 Though they may be geographically plain and unvaried they do fit aesthetically with those that Porrair made herself, so they do appear natural in that sense.

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