Projection Map of Ohr




Constitutional MonarcyN/AHighlands, with variations between continentsHunziy, Elioy, Basljs, Alziviysn


Ohr was one of the first star-planets to be astroengineered with the use of manufactured continents. In early-mid After Time, Hoyu dul Nakeil developed a system that made possible the manufacturing of continents with the proper curvature to orbit uniformly around a star-core as well as their transportation to their final location from the manufacturing facility.
The outer layer of continents on Ohr was constructed in 348 A.T. and in traditional Poria fashion, the first continent was named Hunziy. Over time, the manufactured continents have started to split. Some have broken off and drifted, while others were stabilized as soon as they broke. Cities that are on the edge of the continents have since been reinforced and the techniques used to manufacture continents have been refined.



Ohr, like all Poria structures are run in a constitutional monarchy. Ohr was designated as a head of a system, which is just under the Hanullzis’ political level, and just over the amount of political pull. The regions of Ohr change over time, but are usually on a continent basis, with some split between larger cities that need to have their own political voices represented.


Poria economy is a mix between manufacturing and trade that revolves around manufacturing. Manufacturing makes up most of the mixed economy, and trade is its own mix between the raw goods needed, the byproducts produced, and the actual manufactured goods.


Poria make up the majority of the Omneuttian population, though the other species have fair representation in port cities save for Sha’an who are only sparsely populating areas outside their own home space, The Blade. The Poria specifically speak and write Jibhaga, though many signs are in Omnel, as well as most Omneuttians being able to speak it.


The Seljzhs continents are highly volcanic mountain ranges, some of which have flattened over time into plateaus. The astroengineered continents in the Hiryljs are designed highlands with scattered plains.


There are two division of continents on Ohr, like all Poria Star-Planets that have been astroengineered.


The continents that are closest to the star-core of the star-planet and therefore inhospitable are called Seljzhs in Jibhaga. In the projection map, these are coloured orange and not filled in.


Hospitable continents on star-planet projection maps are coloured blue and filled in with texture. The first continent, as it should be named is Hunziy. Elioy, Basljs, and Alzviysn all contain major cities. Elioy and Basljs are each split into their own regions due to their size and large populations. Alzviysn is only one region.