Historic Hoyu

Historic Hoyu

—A succinct and accurate recounting of Hoyu dul Nakeil’s life.


Class: Report, Biography
Wc: 454


Aut: Poria Government Biographer
Dt: 488 A.T.
Ogn: Rudimentary

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Hoyu dul Nakeil began life as Hoyu yla Nakeil in 192 After Time, though their egg lay dormant for at least a few years as the city’s development slowly caught up to the demands of an increasing populace and changing cultural environment. Not much is known about their earliest years before beginning formal education. By year two Hoyu had shown in proficiency tests a skill and aptitude for a secondary architectural program. Three more years of primary education confirmed and reinforced the decision to enroll the pori in a secondary education to focus on architectural design. However, after two years, educational records will show that Hoyu did not maintain proficiency in the required courses in the secondary architectural program, and was transferred to a new program that sought to develop celestial physicists.

The new program in Nakeil was created in no small part due to visionary proposals from the Hanullzis to stave off population congestion issues of the future. Students from the program solved problems at the core of our government’s space-faring capabilities, and Hoyu was exceptional compared to even these capable pori. They earned a full second term at the program, and was granted an additional year to fully develop the proposal central to their second term: manufacturing continents in the habitable zones of star-planets. At the completion of this program and the presentation of this proposal, Hoyu was given the dul title by the director of Nakeil, and the proposal was accepted by our government.

After the proposal was approved, and the approval of subsequent craft designs, a second proposal was commissioned requesting more detail for a smaller continent to be created for testing on Alarl-Ejruem, with a manufacturing base to be built on Kzcihumcer, a neighboring planet-star. The continent was completed in 236 After Time, and several teams of scientists were stationed and undertook a twenty-year study to ensure viability and success of the continent. During this time, multiple teams tested and confirmed initial quality of building, suitability for architecture, wildlife habitat sustainability, and long-term resiliency of the materials used in the continent’s construction.

Once the continent was declared a success in a formal report published by our government in 258, Hoyu dul Nakeil returned to the celestial physics program to serve as a professor. The program was expanded to match the scope and reach of other flagship educational institutions, and Hoyu continued to teach at the program for two decades before solidifying in 288, enduring well past the normal age for a pori. Their remains will be kept within our government’s capitol, but cities and institutions across Parallelium will be encouraged and advised to honour the great pori mind in several capacities.