Hoyu dul Nakeil

Hoyu dul Nakeil
(hoy-yuh duhl nah-keil)

Biographical Information

Nakeil, Alhika, Ehur-Cluster, Parallelium192 A.T.288 A.T.PoriaYluiar

Biological Information

HeightWeightSkin ColourEye Colour
1.8 m.
5’ 11″
195 kg.
430 lbs.
Yellow, BlackYellow


ClothesSeen With
VariedPori scientists


Though the credited birthdate is 192, Hoyu yla Nakeil’s egg lay dormant for at least a few years before melting. Though finding much initial success in primary tests that indicated a secondary path of architectural design, Hoyu did not continue to meet requirements after two years in an architecture program and instead enrolled in a newly-formed program for celestial physics. In this program, Hoyu developed a proposal after years of experiments, models, calculations, and research that saw the pori enrolled in secondary education for fifteen years. With the director of the program’s approval Hoyu re-enrolled for an additional seven year term, and was granted an extension for one year to fully develop the proposal, completing the program and earning the dul title in 258.

Continent Manufacturing

While enrolled in the first celestial physics program Hoyu developed a proposal for manufacturing continents in the habitable zone of star-planets, facilitating the modern usage of omneugenic planet-stars. While the technology required by the proposal had yet to be developed when the proposal was approved and the first continent was jettisoned as a failure, Hoyu was commissioned for a second proposal. After an extensively detailed proposal was completed and accepted, a second, smaller-scale continent was completed in 236, and following twenty years of research that took place on the continent itself, the method was declared successful in 258, and scientists quickly set about scaling up the process to the scale seen today.