Hoyu dul Nakeil

Hoyu dul Nakeil

(hoy-yuh duhl nah-keil)

—The chief scientist responsible for the advent of manufactured hospitable continents to be used around star-planets. Their work dramatically increased the available km2 in Parallelium.

Biographical Information

nongendered Yluiar, Poria
B: 192 A.T., Nakeil, Alhika, Ehur-Cluster, Parallelium
D: 288 A.T.
Ht: 1.7 m. | 5’8″
Wt: 180 kg. | 397 lbs.

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Hoyu dul Nakeil was a pori whose scientific mind and contributions are honoured across Parallelium in several capacities.1

Hoyu found success in a new program for pori secondary education in celestial physics in Nakeil.1 Though the program had controversy in its founding, Hoyu was granted a rare second full term with an additional year to develop a proposal.2 Because of this proposal Hoyu was bestowed the dul title to indicate their contribution to the city’s good name.1

The proposal central to their second term required further investigation and additional proposals, but was declared a success via a formal report in 258 A.T.1 After the experiment proving their calculations on manufactured continents correct, Hoyu returned to the program that had since expanded in order to teach at the program before solidifying in 288 A.T.5