Rudimentary Expedition

Pardon the mess, gain some knowledge.

Our first Expedition has taken us around Tclthhel, in search of not only general knowledge, but some specific information to relay to you about the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika, and Alziviysn. While the knowledge gained from this expedition is broad on the whole with the relative scope of our location, some specifics have been sought out. Rucu ‘Miystowoby and Cuoramai have procured some writings for refurbishment and translation, in addition to the work Baic and I undertook on the website in terms of reorganization. The Expedition results conclude with the publishing of an article on Hoyu dul Nakeil, one of the most important pori with all important known information.


An article for the Aebrahnd Miethhas Ajika has been published along with articles for each member. The article on the Ajika details the historical society’s short history along with a brief overview on the responsibilities and expectations for each member.


We have put together an article with information regarding the city we reside in, and the continent of the city-centre Ohr that Tclthhel is on. The Hot Springs to the south of Elzhanizilh might be of interest to the reader; non-pori are cautioned to stay away from the three active volcanoes, the four lakes, and many streams of lava.

Parllelium Fauna

We have searched the regional depository in Uilpohsl for readouts on some local wildlife, and are putting some articles together to detail this information, along with our own observations.

Volumes of Knowledge

We have located tomes containing information from a regional depository in Uilpohsl. Rucu and Cuoramai have begun translating and restoring them, respectively. Writings include religious, historical, and cultural information.

Website Reorganization

The website’s knowledge base has been reorganized, improving the navigational structure and legibility of the website. While some articles still need improvement, one-hundred thirty-three articles are now in the new template. Listing them all would be superfluous, so the navigation stream will be listed below:

Additionally, a running total of the changes made was tallied. Upon the completion of our reorganization and before any new articles were added, there are a total of 947 internal links, which are links that link from one article to another. This total does not reflect the links in Updates and Expeditions, Forecasts or any other Wrap-Up. Additionally, a reexamination of the article database resulted in 119 new calls for links, refining which topics we should write articles on next. As part of the migration to the page format for the knowledge base, 238 posts were removed from the site.

Other News

Small changes made around the website will be catalogued here:

  • Naka yla Seljovh‘s article now correctly displays that pori are genderless, both in descriptor tables and pronoun usage
  • Daekoiz and Pekataro articles were updated following the discovery that pekataro are in fact a burrowing pack species, rather than roaming
  • A sentence in paragraph four of Volume 1 of Hoyu’s History was correctly retranslated to say “celestial physics” rather than “planetary physics”
  • Ohr article updated with a link to the Hoyu dul Nakeil article